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Will To Live Online – Strange Map Quest

This guide will serve as a “walkthrough” of sorts for the quest: Strange Map.

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Since there was not a lot of information for the quest “Strange Map”, I decided to put this guide here to help. You are searching for a total of 5 map pieces, and 1 insulating tape. The only real Pain-In-The-Bootyhole portion of this is Map Piece#5 and possibly the Insulating Tape.

Map Piece #1

The first (and the easiest) map piece you will likely come across is during the mission where you search for runaways east of the main town (Solar City), in the Village of Sabochovka at location >F3-7< This map piece is going to be found on top of a sleeping bag. It should be in the last building on the south side of the path. A few low level dogs and rats will bug you, but shouldn’t be a problem.

Map Piece #2

After collecting the first map piece, the second map piece can be found relatively close by to the south in The Old Ruins at location >>F4-5<< in a cellar. The cellar is on the East side of the path, in a fence and high-grass area. CAREFUL, the north side of this high-grass area has spiderwebs. To gain access to the cellar, you will need a key which is located across the street in a pile of consctruction rubble.

This will be next to a busted up truck. Once you have acquired the key, go to the cellar and unlock the door. Usually a rat hangs out down there, but it is *POSSIBLE* for a Stray Boar with skulls and metal stuck in its skin to become trapped down there; and this cellar has quite a few spider webs. The map piece will be on a shelf directly next to the ladder into the cellar. Further in, there is a loot container with some Wine worth 6k. Hey, you’re making money on this quest! Neat!

Map Piece #3

The third map piece is where things are going to start to get a tad more difficult. First, we’ll need a specific key; “Key#9”. Head down to the “Strange Place” in location >>D10-5<<, where you will need to go down into the Flesheater Cave (I think it’s actually called Cave of Cockroaches). The entrance to this cave is in a house with a missing wall, looks like a big anthill in a room. Once inside the cave, fight your way through small groups of rats and flesheaters until you come across some bodies.

There are quite a few bodies, so you’ll have to check each one, and the cave has two paths; a left and a right. Search until you find it, it will be “Key #9”. After acquiring the key, head back topside. Close to the house is another little cellar area in a small busted building with lots of tall grass. Enter this cellar, and the map is on top of a storage box. It should be on the left side of the room. Just look around, you’ll have to jump up to get this piece.

Map Piece #4

The fourth map piece starts to turn up the difficulty. (BRING LOCKPICKS!!) FIRST, you will need to go into the radioactive desert area to find “Key #6” in the BUNKER at location >>K9-3<<. Bring plenty of Antirad pills and powerful weapons to defend yourself from Hornets and desert spiders. As soon as you enter the BUNKER, The VERY FIRST truck INSIDE the building is where you will find the key.

It will be on the driver’s side (United States driver side) against the cab in the back, probably in a little stash-bag/backpack. After getting this key, go directly north to the Radio Telescope at location >>K5-5<< and REMEMBER YOUR LOCKPICKS. The key is located on the first floor of a TWO STORY BUILDING with bars on the windows. Lockpick your way through the entrance door, then immediately turn left. Your “Key#6” should open this door and your map piece is inside on a desk.

Map Piece #5

The final map piece….God I hated this one so much. Literally 2 days to get this one. You will need a few lockpicks again, just to be safe bring 10. Bring /PLENTY/ of meds, ammo, grenades would be helpful, and most importantly, FRIENDS! The final map piece is located in the settlement Sosnovka at location >>H6-4/H6-5<<. This area is CRAWLING with Elder Stray Dogs, Flesheaters and actual NPC/AI characters topping out at level 35. They WILL SHOOT ON SIGHT and they are basically aimbots, they will melt your health away and cause you to spawn on the nearby bridge safe area.

The building you want to get inside is the one with sandbags on top, it’s like a grocery store shop; which is swarming with enemies, of course. We have found that the best way to do dispatch of these annoying enemies is with weapons that have long-range scopes for half of your group and automatic weapons for the other half of your group. Again, the AI/NPC characters will SHOOT ON SIGHT, and will hunt you down. Pick them off from a distance, and for the ones that stay inside the building, perhaps a grenade or two will change their mind about trying to attack you.

After ridding yourself of these enemies, this is where you will need your lockpicks. Inside the building you just cleared (which should be the small grocery store type building with sandbags on top of the roof), there will be a door in the rear-center with a 30% chance to unlock. Once inside, turn left and the final map piece is on a shelf on the right side wall. YAY, you’re done now, right? Hahaha…WRONG! Moving on.

Insulating Tape, to tape together your pretty new map, of course

INSULATING TAPE: To put all 5 pieces of the map together, you will need Insulating Tape, which looks like blue painter’s tape (as of this current game version). The only place I have found it is on the bodies of the AI/NPC characters in Sosnovka. You may find it in other places, who knows.

Open up your inventory, open the crafting menu by pressing the button under your weight bar, go down to “Full Strange Map” and there ya go. Craft that sucker.

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  1. In the strange place where the flesh-eaters (coach-roach nest) is another place where you can find some insulating tape. When you enter the north door of the house that leads to the flesh-eater colony turn to your left and on the table will be measuring tape and insulating tape.

  2. the tape you can find in a locked garage across the street in front of the store in Sosnovka it is a 10% door so you need quite a few lockpicks


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