Witcher 3 A Barnful of Trouble Walkthrough

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A Barnful of Trouble Walkthrough

A group of three NPCs standing outside of a barn in the town of Carsten, north of Oxenfurt and just southwest of the ‘Vegelbud Residence’ fast travel marker.

Upon arriving in the town of Carsten, along the road just north of Oxenfurt, you’ll find a group of three NPCs standing about in front of a barn that they have barricaded up. Head over and chat with the fellow indicated by the exclamation mark. There’s monsters inside apparently. Agree to help.

Head inside the barn and you’ll find four Ghouls chewing up a corpse in one of the back corners. Sneak up and hit one or two of them from behind for some extra damage to start the fight. They shouldn’t put up too much resistance.

Once you have killed them, return outside and speak with the quest givers once again. As you are being rewarded, you’ll have the opportunity to tell them what was causing the problem or not. Not doing so will have the Ghouls return and the citizens wiped out after a few days in-game.

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