Witcher 3 A Dangerous Game Walkthrough

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A Dangerous Game Walkthrough

From Zoltan at the Rosemary and Thyme after completing ‘A Poet Under Pressure’.

Note: It is possible to fail this quest by asking Zoltan to join you in Kaer Morhen before completing it. As such, be sure to complete the quest before you tell him to head over to Witcher-land!

After speaking with Zoltan to begin the side-quest he has you hunting down three rare Gwent cards. After the conversation is finished, head over to the objective marker nearby and attempt to open the door. It’s locked.

Fortunately, there is a ladder and scaffolding at the adjacent building that we can use. Climb to the very top level and then jump across the short gap to the target house. Enter the door here.

Climb down the ladder inside. Make your way down to the ground floor and fight the two bandits in here. Once they are dead, you can loot them for the first Gwent Card for Zoltan. They also have the Key to the locked door.

Whilst we are in here, Geralt will let us know that it might be worth looking for Zed’s Ledger. You’ll want to activate Witcher Sense. We’ll now need to explore the area and you can inspect the following:

Whilst we are in here, Geralt will let us know that it might be worth looking for Zed’s Ledger. You’ll want to activate Witcher Sense. We’ll now need to explore the area and you can inspect the following:

  • The Body on the second floor.
  • Small chests scattered about on the ground floor.
  • Scratches on the floor beneath the stairs.

Use your AARD sign to blast the boards hiding the storage area beneath the stairs. Behind it you’ll find a chest we can loot for the Ledger.

Return to Zoltan with the Card and the Ledger.

Following the chat, You’ll be given a pair of quest markers to chase up. There’s one at Hierarch’s Square and another in the Golden Sturgeon Inn at the docks.

The closer of the two is Heirarch’s Square so mosey on over there. At the objective marker you’ll find Zoltan standing outside of a townhouse. Speak with him to continue. When you are able to walk around again, climb the stairs. Activate Witcher Sense and scan the room. You’ll be able to inspect the following:

  • Triangular hole in the wall behind a bookshelf.
  • Knife on the table beneath the mirror near the top of the stairs.

You’ll want to interact with the knife on the tabletop. Doing this will have one of the drawers beneath it open. We can loot this for a Triangular Key. Use this Key on the hole behind the nearby bookcase to open a hidden room.

Enter the secret door and climb to the third floor. Activate Witcher Sense again and scan the room. You’ll be able to inspect the following:

  1. Dining set on one of the pedestals.
  2. Ornate Sword (can be looted) on one of the pedestals.
  3. Gold Sapphire Necklace (can be looted) on one of the pedestals.
  4. Painting of the Emperor at the back of the room.
  5. Suit of armour in the corner on the far side of the room.
  6. Skull on one of the pedestals.
  7. Rope on one of the pedestals.
  8. Gwent Playing Card on one of the pedestals.

Once you have the second Gwent Card for Zoltan, your objectives will be updated.

Note: In the secret area you can also loot the chest of drawers directly in front of you at the top of the stairs for a Jade Figurine. This will trigger a new side-quest ‘The Soldier Statuette’.

Return downstairs and chat with Zoltan. As you go to leave two thugs will show up, either leave or beat them up to continue. After another brief chat, we’ll head off to grab the final card.

The final card is located in the Golden sturgeon Inn on the docks. Head inside and make your way to the lower lever. Approach the man indicated by the objective marker.

Here you are given a couple of choices during a conversation: You can play a high stakes Gwent game or alternatively say you are uninterested. Either way you’ll be attacked. Kill the pair of thugs and loot their bodies to recover the third Gwent Card for Zoltan.

Return to Zoltan and hand over the third Gwent Card to him for a chat.

A short time later we’ll find ourselves elsewhere and will need to follow Zoltan. After a brief scene we’ll need to run after a target.

Enter the building ahead and climb the ladders until you reach the top. Go through the door to the right of the injured soldier and chase the target along the top of the wall. When you reach a locked door, go down the nearby ladders until you reach the sewers.

You’ll see the target behind a locked grating as you enter. As such, head to the right and follow the tunnel through until you reach a dead end. Destroy the weak section of wall here with AARD and kill the 5-6 Drowners that will emerge from the water on both sides of the wall to attack.

When it’s clear, head through the new passageway and when you reach the large room, take the first left to find the target. Approach him for a scene during which you can make a decision (it does not seem to affect anything one way or the other).

Note: For completing the quest you’ll get an opportunity to choose between gold or the Gwent Cards you just collected. Go for the cards, they are one of a kind cards that are required to complete the ‘Card Collector’ achievement/trophy and cannot be obtained anywhere else!

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