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Witcher 3 A Favour for a Friend Quest Walkthrough

Witcher 3 A Favour for a Friend

This quest is acquired automatically upon completing the side-quest ‘A Towerful of Mice’.

This quest will begin immediately following your chat with Keira upon handing in the previous quest ‘A Towerful of Mice’. Exit the hut and ride to the north until you reach the large, yellow search area.

Activate Witcher Sense and head to the southern part of the search area. Look along the major road leading south and locate the set of tyre tracks veering off the road. Follow the cart tracks through the wilderness here until you find the cart itself lying on its side. At this point we can activate Witcher Sense and explore the area. You’ll be able to inspect the following:

  • Leftovers on the ground next to the cart.
  • Bottles on the ground behind the cart.
  • Blood Stains on the ground in front of the cart.
  • The lockbox on the ground beneath the cart.

Note: You can follow the bloodstains with Witcher Sense to find out what happened to the driver (just watch out for the Rotfiend nearby!).

Picking up the Package for Keira by looting the lockbox will update your objectives and ask us to return to Keira.

Following the scene, you’ll be in a race. The mini-map has a yellow line drawn on it that we can follow to stick to the race track we are supposed to be sticking to. You’ll want to keep galloping as much as possible, but release the sprint button for a few seconds occasionally to let the meter refill a little so that you can maintain your speed.

Once you reach the destination a scene will play.

Note: During this conversation, you’ll have the opportunity to romance Keira.

After a short conversation, you’ll be back in control of Geralt again. Activate Witcher sense and move down the road slightly to the south. Follow the trail of clothing until a scene plays to end the quest.

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