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Witcher 3 A Feast for Crows Walkthrough

A Feast for Crows Walkthrough

With your back to the front door of Dandelion’s inn (by the ‘Heirarch Gate’ fast travel marker) there is a pair of small paths bridging a small, dry canal to the right. On the second of these bridges, Geralt will pick up a bad smell and comment on it.

After picking up the bad smell, turn on Geralt’s Witcher Sense to pick up a scent trail. Follow this a short distance to discover a dead body hidden behind some greenery. Inspect the body to trigger the side-quest.

Look around the immediate area with Witcher Sense on to spot footprints and bloodstains. Inspect one of each of these before following the trail that appears. This will lead you to a house. Make your way inside to trigger a conversation.

During the ensuing chat, you’ll have a couple of dialogue choices which will make the remainder of the quest play out a little differently. Your choices include:

  1. “Fine, take the key.” – Geralt will hand over the key. This will net you 20 Crowns.
  2. I don’t like being threatened.” – This will spark a fight during which you’ll need to kill all the dwarves. After doing so, you can loot the chest they were after in the back, left corner of the ground floor. This will net you 100 Orens and 50 Crowns.
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Either option works here. As soon as you leave the house, the side-quest will be completed.

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