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Witcher 3 A Final Kindness Walkthrough

A Final Kindness Walkthrough

This will be brought up by Triss during a conversation in the ‘Blindingly Obvious’ main quest.

Note: This side-quest will only occur if Keira is still alive and didn’t join you at Kaer Morhen for the battle against the Wild Hunt. This could be as a result of not completing her side-quest chain ending in ‘For the Advancement of Learning’ or you did complete that side-quest but did not convince her to help out at Kaer Morhen.

Triss will know what has happened to her, and after Geralt brings her name up during the ‘Blindingly Obvious’ quest she’ll ask for a favor. This will trigger the brief side-mission.

Following the ensuing conversation, you’ll find yourself outside. Make your way over to the Guards nearby. As you approach they will engage you in a chat during which you’ll need to choose between one of three options:

  1. “Leave, now.”– Geralt will use AXII (requires level 2 Delusion) and they’ll leave. You’ll also earn 40XP.
  2. “Leave or regret it.” -This will result in a fight during which you’ll have to kill both Guards.
  3. “Here for the body.” –Nothing will happen and you’ll need to pick one of the above options.

Once the Guards have been taken care of, another scene will play and the brief side-mission will be completed.

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