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Witcher 3 A Greedy God Walkthrough

A Greedy God Walkthrough

Start Location: From NPCs named Dagmar and Preben In the ruins south of the Wastrel Manor fast travel point, also west of Oreton.

Once you have spoken to the pair of peasants in the ruins here, you’ll be able to walk up to the small wooden statue here and interact with it to have a conversation with the Allgod.

Following your conversation, look behind the crumbling brick wall opposite the altar to find a pile of rubble. Use the Eye of Nehaleni to remove the illusion and proceed down the stairs that appear to find out who the Allgod really is.

During the ensuing conversation, you’ll have only two real choices here which include:

  • “I’m going to kill you…” – this will trigger a fight in which you have to kill the monster. It’s an easy fight and one that should not cause you any issues.
  • “Settle for humble offerings…” – The monster will agree and let you go without a fight.

Before exiting the monster’s lair, be sure to loot the joint. There are chests here that contain some decent reagents and a crafting Design or two (I found Diagram: Mountain Folk Boots). When you are done, head back outside.

Return to the peasants and tell them what you have done to end the quest.

Note: For convincing the monster to take lesser offerings, you’ll earn 100 Crowns.

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