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Witcher 3 A Tome Engraved Walkthrough

A Tome Engraved Walkthrough

This side-quest is very hard to find as it is in the sewers. An easy way to get back in here is to head to the ‘Southern Gate’ fast travel marker. Cross the bridge into the city and follow the road until it turns left. After passing through the first archway, take the right on the main street before taking the first turn to the left afterwards. Here you’ll find an open sewer grating with some guards outside.

From the open grating described above, head inside and go down the first set of stairs. At the bottom, ignore the door to the left and instead go through the opening ahead. You’ll find yourself in a large room. Again, continue straight ahead and through an open grating. Just past this, look at the right-hand wall with Witcher Sense active to see that it is weak.

Blow down the weak wall here using a blast of AARD. Follow the stairs inside down to reach a tomb of sorts. Approach the fellow attempting to open the sarcophagi and he’ll spark up a conversation.

Following the scene, you’ll be given the opportunity to open the sarcophagus again (we’ll need to fight its inhabitant) or leave it be (this will give you a chance to meditate if required). Note that you will need to open the lid in order to complete the side-quest. As such, when you are ready open the lid.

After another short scene, the vampire will transform into a Katakans. If you haven’t fought one as yet, this is a type of vampire that can phase out into an invisible state and have attacks that are quite similar to what you will have seen from Werewoves previously. They are susceptible to IGNI and can also be drawn out of their invisibility by planting YRDEN traps. Their attacks are extremely fast, so keep your dodge/roll at the ready!

Once the Katakans has been defeated, another scene will play and the side-quest will draw to a close.

Note: For completing the side-quest, you’ll earn 50XP.

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