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Witcher 3 An Eye for an Eye Walkthrough

An Eye for an Eye Walkthrough

From Roche at the Temerian Partisan Hideout after completing the ‘Get Junior’ quest.

Note: If you have the ‘A Deadly Plot’ quest in your log but have not yet started it and have ‘Brothers in Arms: Novigrad’ as your active quest, Roche will be found in the Passiflora brothel in Novigrad. Following the scene at the brothel, he’ll be at the camp again.

You’ll find that Roche has returned to his camp after helping you during the ‘Get Junior’ quest. Head over here and have a chat with him – during the conversation you can ask him about his issue to start the side-quest.

Exit the camp and fast travel to Hanged Man’s Tree. Talk to Roche who is standing nearby.

After a brief conversation, fighting will break out at the nearby village. You’ll need to hightail it over here as Ves will be attacked. She’ll receive a health bar on the left side of the screen and if it depletes entirely, she will die and you’ll fail the quest.

Note: If Ves dies, you will fail this quest and will also be unable to recruit Roche and Ves (obviously) for Kaer Morhen and will be subsequently unable to complete ‘Brothers in Arms: Novigrad’ AND miss out on the ‘Full Crew’ Achievement/trophy.

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As failing this quest can have implications down the line, it is important that you keep Ves alive. As this is the case, enter the town and ignore the first group of four that approaches (or dispatch them quickly) and find the second group of bad guys further in the town focused on Ves. Prioritise engaging and killing those in close proximity to Ves.

Once you have killed all of them, a scene will play during which you can make a quick decision. As far as I can tell, there is no real consequences either way. This will end the quest.

Note: At this point, you’ll earn 50XP.

Now that we have completed Roche’s task, we can now return to him at his camp and ask him to head to Kaer Morhen to complete ‘Brothers in Arms: Novigrad’.

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