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Witcher 3 Bald Mountain Walkthrough

Bald Mountain Walkthrough

Once you regain control of Geralt, we’ll need to follow Ciri as she leads you up a narrow path and into a village on Bald Mountain. As you approach the village a scene will play. Accept the invitation to sit by the fire if you wish to ask a few questions and delve a little deeper into the back story.

Following the conversation, or if you declined to sit around the fire, you are free to move around the village, be sure to visit the blacksmith to repair your gear, there is a merchant here too that can help with inventory space solutions! The building opposite the blacksmith has a weak door that can be busted down with AARD for a chest inside.

When you are ready to continue, follow the path out of the town to the north.

A scene will play involving Godlings who’ll give you a bit more information about the current task at hand.

Note: This scene will differ slightly depending on your choices made during the ‘Novigrad Dreaming’ quest.

Continue along the path until you reach another populated area with a large bonfire and tents. There is another trader here you can speak with for alchemy supplies if required.

To continue with the quest, you’ll need to enter the large tent with the objective marker and speak with the NPC named Thecla. Argue that Geralt is worthy of meeting the ladies and she’ll set you out on a task to prove it.

After the scene, make sure you have a crossbow equipped and then dive into the water below. Immediately pull out your crossbow, dive underwater and kill the Drowners swimming about in the water here. Surface to get your breath back.

Take a deep breath and dive down into the underwater tunnel. Activate your Witcher Senses as you go and you’ll find the Defiler’s Oren at the end of the tunnel. There is also a chest to the left (contained Diagram: Axeman’s Boots and Manuscript Page: Superior Thunderbolt for me). Swim back through the tunnel and surface once again.

Climb out of the water and follow the GPS route up the cliffs and when you reach the tents, with the Defiler’s Oren in hand go back to speak with Thecla once again.

Note: At this point you’ll earn 300XP.

Exit the tent and follow Marica, she’ll lead you to the path up the mountain and unlock the gate for you. Inside you’ll have to square off against Fugas.

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This fellow is relatively easy and with Ciri by your side shouldn’t give you too much grief as long as you can avoid his attacks. He has some regular melee attacks, an AOE slam attack and is also capable of throwing balls of fire at you – these will leave burning patches on the ground that can cause fire damage over time, so watch where you step. Use your AXII/AARD to stun and wait for an opening to attack, then roll/dodge his attacks and repeat until he falls.

After a short conversation, you’ll be in control of Ciri.

Follow the short path here until you find a hole in the ground with a pool of water below. Dive in. Swim through the tunnel leading out of the pool and climb out onto the ledge at the end. Proceed a short distance down the tunnel for a scene.

Boss: The Crones

This fight is quite difficult as there are three quite powerful opponents and as Ciri, we don't have access to any signs or potions to make our lives easier. Each of the Crones has a melee and a special attack and they will constantly try to corner Ciri.

The slow moving Brewess summons some red death fluid which will travel beneath the water in the room and home in on Ciri – so make sure you keep moving when you see it. The Whispess is faster moving and similar to a Water Hag or Drowner can sink into the ground and appear elsewhere and also throws projectiles at you. The Weavess has a charge ability which she'll use to race across the ground and melee attack. Both the Weavess and the Whispess have the ability to break apart into a flock of ravens which will fly outward in a circle damaging Ciri in the process whilst also teleporting around the room.

The key to victory in this fight is to isolate and defeat the crones one at a time. This is not an easy thing to accomplish however as they are all quite mobile and their array of ranged attacks and teleportation abilities makes it tricky to stay out of trouble. The encounter does however become notably easier once you have taken one of the Crones out of the picture.

To begin with you are going to want to choose one of the three Crones to take out first (the Brewess is a good choice as she is slower and doesn't have the teleportation abilities that the others do). You are going to want to be constantly rolling or dodging until you get an opening in which you should unleash a few flurries of your sword or a charge attack. Roll away and repeat until the first Crone is down.

If things get tricky, remember that Ciri does have health regeneration, just keep dodging until you restore some health before continuing. Once the first Crone has been eliminated, you can repeat the same process with the remaining two, you'll just have less attacks to dodge!

After defeating all three Crones a scene will play to end the fight.

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We’ll now be back in control of Geralt. Take the dirt path leading to the right and follow it across the bridge. When you reach the far side, look to the right to find a Place of Power (Boosts QUEN) that you should draw from.

There is a very challenging boss battle just ahead and as such, you should prepare. At this point it’s a good idea to meditate if you need to restock your potions/bombs and enhance your weapon with Draconid Oil.

When you feel you are ready, continue along the dirt path, climb the ledges and head for the campfire. A conversation will break out and at the end of it, you’ll need to defend yourself in the trickiest boss encounter so far.

Boss: Imlerith

Imlerith is a boss that feels like it has been lifted from a Dark Souls game – giant mace and shield, heavy armour and the ability to tear through your entire health bar in just a few hits. Oh and he can use a short-range teleport to boot – fun!

Imlerith can be slowed down via the use of YRDEN and can also be stunned temporarily by Sanum Bombs. As he is pretty much able to block all of your sign attacks (unless stunned) it's a good idea to keep QUEN up in an attempt to reduce the damage taken.

During the first phase of the fight, Imlerith is slow and will use his mace to perform melee and shield bash combos of varying lengths. He will also teleport frequently and will often do so to get behind you so be sure to stay on your toes and prepare to dodge.

The first phase attacks are slow and deliberate and in being such, there is a pretty healthy window of attack after he has performed one of his melee combos. As such lure him into committing to one of these combos and either wait until he stops, or dodge to the side (don't dodge straight back or he'll shield bash if you attempt to attack) and then tap him once or twice in the back/sides whilst he attacks the space in front of him.

When he reaches around 30% health, he'll ditch his shield and will move and attack slightly faster. During the second phase he will perform combo attacks with teleports included so you'll definitely need to keep your finger on the dodge button. The good news is once he has finished a combo, he'll sit still for a second or two giving you a huge opening to drop some pain on him.

As this is the case, the strategy of dodging and exploiting his openings remains essentially the same, however if you have a bit of trouble, remember that you have Sanum Bombs to stun him for some free attacks and YRDEN to slow him down if things start to get a little hairy.

This fight is tough and really requires that you are up to par with your dodging skills, especially in the second phase when he links multiple attacks together – get hit once there and you're going to be copping another 1-2 blows and on the tougher difficulties that = game over.

Once you’ve dealt him enough damage a cut-scene will play out to end the encounter.

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During the conversation that follows, be sure to say you want to stick around for a bit longer – this will enable us to go and loot Imlerith’s remains. He has in his possession a Magic Acorn.

Speak with Ciri to leave the area. You’ll be approached by villagers as you head down the hill. If you looted the Magic Acorn, you can either hand it over to them if you like, or save it for later and eat it for 2 Skill Points.

After one final scene, you’ll end up in Novigrad with some friends. The quest will complete at this point.

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