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Witcher 3 Carnal Sins Walkthrough

Carnal Sins Walkthrough

This side-quest will begin immediately after completing the ‘Cabaret’ quest.

After a few scenes and a conversation, agree to go with the doctor immediately and he’ll take you down into the sewers.

Follow the doctor through the sewers and be prepared for fighting – there are four Drowners and a Water Hag we will need to contend with. After a brief jaunt, you’ll come to a set of wooden stairs. Follow the doctor up the stairs and continue through the hallway, climb the ladder at the end to reach the morgue.

In the morgue we’ll need to find a specific body. Kick in your Witcher Sense as you explore the area. The first room has a pair of bodies we can inspect, but neither is the one we are looking for. Go through the gate at the back of the area. You can check out the room to the left for another pair of bodies and some lootables, but the body we are looking for is through the right hand door.

Once you have found the body of interest, have the doctor examine all of its body parts. Following a couple of conversations, you’ll be escorted out. Make sure you question the doctor about Nathaniel and Hubert before you end the conversation.

When you are back outside, you’ll note that there are three new objective markers on the map – these include Eustace the corpse collector and a pair of crime scenes.

Fortunately, there is one just nearby – Eustace. Head just around the corner and speak to the man behind the corpse wagon. During the conversation you’ll have a few options:

  • Use AXII (Level 3) – He’ll give you the information you require. This option will also net you 40XP.
  • Bribe him with 200 Crowns – He’ll give you the information you require. This option will also net you 10XP.
  • “Don’t piss me off!” – This will do nothing and you’ll have to utilise one of the other methods.

Once you have either AXII’d or bribed him, you’ll get the information you were after. Knock him out at the end of the conversation if you like or let him go (the choice doesn’t seem to make any difference).

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The next area of interest is the dwarf’s workshop. This is located just southeast of the Heirarch’s Square fast travel signpost marker. When you arrive at the marker, walk up and interact with the large arched wooden doors to initiate another conversation.

Once the conversation is ended we’ll be able to have a look around the workshop. Activate Witcher Sense and explore the area. You’ll be able to inspect the following:

  • Pyre made of statues in the centre of the area.
  • A blood stain on the floor by the pyre.
  • Drag marks on the floor by the pyre.
  • Document – ‘Concerened Citizen’s Sermon’ on the anvil in the back left corner of the workshop.

Once you have examined all of the items, walk over and interact with the door that the drag marks lead to. The fellow here will open it for you. Inside, there is more investigating to be done – activate Witcher Sense and explore the room. You’ll be able to inspect the following:

A blood stain on the floor by the pillar near the door. Remnants of eyes on the workbench to the left as you enter.
A tipped over chair.
The scent of formaldehyde in the corner to the right of the entrance.

After examining enough of these clues, your objectives will update and encourage you to move onto the next area of interest.

As you approach the next objective marker a guard will approach and ask you to return to the morgue. We’ll do that in a minute, for now though lets finish the final investigation in the area which should be nearby.

Enter the dead end here and once again activate Witcher Sense. You’ll be able to inspect the following:

  • Document – ‘Concerened Citizen’s Sermon’ nailed to the back wall.
  • A blood stain on the ground by the dirt path.
  • Tipped over Brazier on the ground by the dirt path.
  • A footprint on the ground by the blood stain.
  • The scent of formaldehyde by the entrance to the alley
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During your investigation you’ll likely be interrupted by a group of thugs. Fight them off with your fists in order to speak with a woman who has some additional information.

With all of our investigations completed, it’s time to head back to the morgue. Make your way back to the objective marker and speak to the coroner inside. Following the scene, we’ll get a new location to visit!

Exit the morgue and fast travel over to the Vegelbud Residence to the east of Novigrad. Approach the main gate and convince the guard to let you in. After another brief conversation you’ll be led inside the main building and up the stairs.

As soon as the next scene ends, you’ll need to chase an attacker out of the nearby door and across the courtyard (follow your GPS on the map!). Unfortunately, you won’t get far and you’ll need to fight some guards. Damage them enough and a scene will play.

Before we leave for the next location on our list, you can explore the room if you wish. Activate Witcher Sense. You’ll be able to inspect the following:

  • Document – ‘Concerened Citizen’s Sermon’ on the pillow.
  • The dead body on the bed.

Just in case we haven’t travelled enough already on this quest, the game now wants us to head over to the Novigrad Docks and check out Crippled Kate’s. Enter the building when you arrive and following a brief conversation, make your way upstairs to the third floor.

As soon as you reach the third floor, you’ll have a timed decision to make:

  • “Try it, asshole”
  • “First, I gotta know why”
  • “Just like that, no formaldehyde?”

Depending on your choices here, the end of the quest will play out quite differently. If you choose the aggressive option off the bat, you’ll need to kill the fellow in Crippled Kate’s immediately which will end the quest. If you ask him some questions first (specifically the formaldehyde and the letters) however, he’ll reveal another person of interest who you’ll need to visit.

Once he has revealed the location of the killer, you can then choose what you want to do with him. During the conversation you’ll have a few options:

  • Use AXII (Level 3) – The bad guy will leave and the girl will be safe afterwards. This option will also net you 40XP.
  • “Can’t allow it” – This will trigger a fight in which you’ll have to kill the fellow. The girl will be safe afterwards.
  • “No time for you” – You’ll leave the bad guy to his own devices. The girl will not be so lucky.
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No matter your choice, you’ll now need to head down to the docks, to the indicated warehouse. It’s a good idea to meditate outside as once you go in, you’ll have to fight a boss monster!

Boss: Higher Vampire

The Higher Vampire is a very difficult fight as he can easily wipe out your entire health bar with a few hits. As with some of the other types of vampires we’ve fought previously, it is able to phase out into an invisible state and move around the room quite quickly.

It is very fast and has an attack move set reminiscent to what you will have seen from Werewolves previously. They are susceptible to IGNI and can also be drawn out of their invisibility by planting YRDEN traps. Their attacks are extremely fast, so keep your dodge/roll at the ready!

The easiest way to best the Vampire is to allow him to attack, immediately perform a dodge and then a heavy attack. Roll away straight afterwards and do it again. If it is within range of your IGNI and you see an opening, hit him with it. Otherwise, try to keep your distance and let him come to you.

Once you have killed the Higher Vampire, we’ll have our objectives updated once again.

  • Note: For killing the monster you’ll be rewarded with Diagram: Assassin’s Boots, a Lesser Svarog Runestone and you can loot the body for some reagents and a new sword – Deargdeith.

At this point, we’ll need to return to Pricilla and Dandelion at the hospital for a scene to finish up this lengthy side-quest.

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