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Witcher 3 Contract Missing Brother Quest Walkthrough

Witcher 3 Contract Missing Brother

This quest can be acquired via a notice posted on the Inn at the Crossroads Notice board.

After grabbing this side-quest from the Inn at the Crossroads notice board, you’ll need find and speak with Bruno. He can be found inside the Inn itself, sitting on a bench by himself. He’ll flesh out some additional details regarding the contract and update your objectives.

Following the conversation, we’ll need to head out of the Crossroads and follow the road leading to the northeast until to reach the point of interest just along the coast to the south of the ‘Border Post’ bridge crossing the river. Once you arrive, locate the entrance to a mine.

When you arrive at the objective marker, we’ll need to inspect some items of interest in the investigation area. Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses and explore the area. You can inspect the following points of interest:

  • The severed leg and entrails by the mine entrance.
  • Monster tracks leading into the cave.

Make your way into the mine. Drop into the pool of water below and make your way to the right. Climb out and activate Witcher Sense again to find the Monster tracks again. Follow these further into the caves, being sure to loot the Chest in the alcove opposite when they take the first hard right turn. Immediately after the right turn, you’ll see the tracks split into two, with one heading into the tunnel ahead and the other into a pool of water on the left side of the path.

The pool of water is where we want to go to continue, but if you explore the immediate area first you can find a small mining structure and several chests containing an assortment of reagent-type items to loot. On the upper level of the mining structure, there is also a lever that will lower a small drawbridge back to the entrance to the mine. When you are ready to continue, return to where the monster tracks split up.

Hop in and swim through the underwater tunnel here, following the second set of footprints on the tunnel floor. As you swim through this passage, you can loot a pair of chests (one will contain Diagram: Witch Hunter’s Sword).

Surface at the far end to find a small, self-contained cave area with several pools of water.

Note: At this point you’ll earn 25XP.

In our current surrounds, you’ll want to activate Witcher Sense again and explore the area. You’ll be able to inspect the following:

  • Pool of digestive juices in the middle of the cave.
  • The large eggs around the area.

After examining the digestive juices, a scent trail will appear whilst in Witcher Sense. At this point, you’ll receive an optional objective to destroy 12 eggs using the IGNI sign (if you are under-levelled for this quest, you’ll want to do this as it will make the boss fight much easier!).

If you want to destroy the eggs, there are four [04/12] in the corner to the left immediately after crawling out of the pool we entered from. Follow the scent trail and enter the second pool of water. Switch on your Witcher Senses and swim through the underwater tunnel whilst following the monster tracks on the floor to the right. In the small cave area at the end, you’ll find another group of four eggs [08/12].

Swim back through the tunnel until you reach the previous area. This time around, take the passage opposite the first set of eggs and kill the Young Arachas here. There are an additional four eggs to be destroyed in this location [12/12].

Just along the passage to the right of this final group of eggs is a chest containing Torn-out Page: Wyvern Decoction. Follow the tunnel a little further until a cut-scene plays introducing a boss fight.

Boss: Harrisi (Arachas)

This particular Arachas is particularly nasty. If you have not taken the time to destroy the Arachas eggs in the previous areas, when you fight the boss, you’ll also need to deal with up to 12 additional, lower level spiders which will attack constantly and have a slight chance of inflicting a poison status on Geralt.

The Arachas itself is bright purple and not only does it have the usual array of far-reaching melee attacks and charges, but it will also release clouds of toxin that can poison Geralt. These clouds can also stack, allowing Geralt to be poisoned multiple times.

To defeat it, you’ll be required to (obviously) stay out of the poison clouds as much as possible. If you neglected to destroy the eggs, it’s a good idea to eliminate the additional low-level enemies first before turning your attention to the main threat. When the boss has a cloud of toxin active, use Geralt’s ranged sign attacks IGNI and AARD (and to a lesser extent the crossbow) to deal damage. When there is no poison about, move in closer and use your melee attacks to whittle away at the boss’s health. At all times, you’ll want to be observing the boss and dodging its attacks to the best of your ability.

Once the Arachas is dead, loot the body for the Arachas Trophy, Arachas Eyes, Arachas Mutagen and any other goodies it was carrying.

Now that the contract has been dealt with, we can return to the Inn at the Crossroads and speak with Bruno once again and report on what has happened. He’ll initially refuse payment, but use your AXII or other persuasive chatting skills to earn your money.

Once you end the conversation, you’ll also end the side-quest.

Note: At this point, you’ll earn 200XP and 210 Crowns.

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