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Witcher 3 Contract Phantom of the Trade Route Quest Walkthrough

Witcher 3 Contract Phantom of the Trade Route

This quest can be acquired by talking with a refugee in the town of Benek.

Following the conversation, we’ll need to head out of town along the road to the north. When you arrive at the site of the caravan, we need to explore the investigation area. Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses and explore the area. You can inspect the following points of interest:

  • Barrel of wine by the cart.
  • Claw marks on a rock on the right hand side of the road by the cart.
  • Signs of movement in the dirt behind the cart.
  • Footprints near the cart leading out of the search area.

After examining all four points of interest, a scent trail will appear from the wine barrel whilst in Witcher Sense. Follow this through the forest and up the hillside path to the east until you come across a cave entrance. There is a body to examine here with Witcher Sense if you like.

Enter the cave and in the first main cave, follow the slope downwards until you see a scene. After the chat, make your way to the top of the cave and climb up the various ledges until you reach an exit.

Upon exiting, you’ll see a pair of Wyverns – yay! Fun! As you take them on, remember that IGNI, the crossbow and AARD will all knock Wyverns out of the air, whilst AXII will stun them temporarily. Try to focus on killing one first if possible whilst keeping the other out of action with one of your signs (if possible).

Once both Wyverns are dead, approach and destroy each of the monster nests. A scene will play.

Note: For each nest destroyed, you’ll earn 20XP.

Boss: Royal Wyvern

The Royal Wyvern fight is similar to both the Basilisk, Cockatrice and Griffin fights we’ve encountered earlier in the game. Fortunately, it acts in much the same way as the aforementioned monsters and as such the tactics remain essentially the same.

Whilst it does have wings, for the most part it will attack from the ground and has quite a large area of attack due to its wings being able to perform sweeping moves. The Royal Wyvern can also jump in the air and leap attack at your position as well as utilising a nasty lunge attack, which you can roll under if timed correctly. Similar to the Basilisk it is able to spit green projectiles at you which will poison Geralt if it makes contact. When it is in the air, it will try a swooping attack that can be easily rolled under/away from but will hit like a tonne of bricks if not avoided.

Although it’s probably obvious, with all your rolling about avoiding attacks, be sure not to roll off the cliff here to your death!

The easiest way to take it down quickly is to use a combination of AXII to stun it, IGNI and AARD to dish out damage or YRDEN to slow its movements to get a few attacks in. Whilst in the air, hit it with crossbow bolts or AARD whilst it is flying to bring it crashing to the ground – run up and smash it a few times and then use your dodges and rolls to avoid its ground-based attacks whilst dishing out your own attacks when you see an opening. Repeat this process until it hits the dust.

Once the Royal Wyvern is dead loot its body for the Wyvern Trophy and a Silver Sword – Anathema.

Now we can walk back to Benek and speak with the Refugee. Report on what has happened to end the side-quest.

Note: At this point, you’ll earn 300XP and 192 Crowns.

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