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Witcher 3 Fists of Fury Novigrad Walkthrough

Fists of Fury Novigrad Walkthrough

This quest can be acquired via a notice posted on the Hierarch’s Square Notice board in central Novigrad.

This is the second ‘Fist of Fury’ side-quest and like the one in Velen is short, relatively easy and probably won’t cause you too much grief (as long as you are at the recommended level). The side-quest requires that you track down a series of challengers and best them in hand-to-hand combat.

As you approach each of the challengers, you need to speak with Master Claytop (at the Golden Sturgeon) or a Bookie nearby to set up a fight, during which you can bet gold – if you win, you’ll double your deposit and if you lose you’ll lose it all. You can find the fighters in the following locations:

Georgius George –This fellow can be found in the Golden Sturgeon on Novigrad’s docks. Before the fight, the organiser will ask you to take a dive – it’s up to you whether you do or not. When you get around to fighting him be warned – he is able to riposte and counter you if you try to chain too many attacks against him. Be patient and get a blow or two in and then counter him and repeat.

Archibald O’Neil – The second fighter is found near the Portside Gate in southern Novigrad. Compared to the previous match, Archibald is an easy target. Simply dodge when he attacks and immediately counter, he should go down in no time.

Iron Mortimer – Mortimer is located in the eastern part of Novigrad’s largest island. As with Archibald he is a relatively easy match up with no real surprises in stock for you. Simply dodge when he attacks and immediately counter, he should go down in no time.

Durden the Tailor (yep, that’s totally a reference to Fight Club) – The Tailor is the final challenge and he is definitely the trickiest of the fighters you’ll face. He is quite fast and can rattle off a few punches at you very quickly whilst also being able to riposte you if you get greedy with your attacks. As such, reserve your attacks to countering incoming blows. Sure it’ll take longer, but you’ll get it done!

Note: You’ll earn 25XP per win for defeating each of the first three combatants and 75XP for defeating the Tailor.

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