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Witcher 3 Forefather’s Eve Walkthrough

Forefather’s Eve Walkthrough

Start Location: This quest is acquired automatically upon completing the side-quest ‘A Towerful of Mice’.

Upon leaving Keira Metz’s house at the end of ‘A Towerful of Mice’ the Pellar we met earlier will be waiting for us outside. He’ll approach and ask you to help him out with a ritual on Fyke Isle. As a sexy Witcher, who are we to turn him down?

To kick the quest off, we’ll need to head to the Pellar’s location at a circular stone amphitheatre-type area on the western side of Fyke Isle. We’ll need to meet the Pellar here at midnight, so meditate until the appointed hour.

When you are in the right place at the right time, speak with the Pellar. He’ll ask if you are good to go. When you are ready, have him begin the ritual.

After a brief conversation, a yellow quest area marker will appear on the map. We will need to stay within the zone and protect the Pellar and the worshippers from the Drowners that will emerge from the ocean and come to attack.

In total, there is around 5-6 Drowners and a Water Hagthat you will need to kill. Fortunately, the Drowners will come three at a time, with additional drowners spawning as they fall so you won’t be too overwhelmed.

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Once all the monsters have been dispatched, a scene will play and you’ll be forced to make a decision:

  • Option 1 – “Not my fight.”
  • Option 2 – “Leave them alone.”

Option 1 – “Not my fight”

Selecting this option will immediately end the quest, the Pellar won’t be too thrilled but no one else will die and you’ll get a reward.

Note: For completing the quest, you’ll earn 200XP.

Option 2 – “Leave them alone”

Selecting this option will cause a fight with three Witch Hunters, fortunately the Pellar will help you out. Following this fight, another scene will take place before another brief fight takes place against three Wraiths. Killing them will trigger a scene which will update our objectives.

Now we’ll need to make our way over to Crookback Bog to the east. There is a huge search area drawn up here, but the body that you are looking for can be found using Witcher Sense and happens to be directly below the objective marker in the centre of the search area. Just note that you’ll need to fight off three Rotfiends before you can approach it safely!

When it’s safe to do so, approach the corpse and inspect it with Witcher Sense. After a few words of wisdom, use IGNI on the corpse to incinerate it.

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With that out of the way, make your way over to the Pellar’s house, northwest of Blackbough for a short conversation to end the quest.

Note: For completing the quest, you’ll earn 200XP and 50 Crowns.

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