Witcher 3 Freya Be Praised Walkthrough (Hidden Treasure)

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Witcher 3 Freya Be Praised Walkthrough

Just south of Blandare on Ard Skellig, you’ll find a Hidden Treasure marker at the northeast corner of the lake.

When you reach the location and have cleared it out, use Witcher Sense to find the dead body on the side of the road. Loot the fellow’s body here for an Itinerant Merchant’s Note and a Small Chest Key – this will activate the side-quest ‘Freya Be Praised’.

Read the Itinerant Merchant’s Note in the Key Items section of the inventory. This will update the objectives.

You’ll notice that there is now a yellow search area in the centre of the lake nearby. Fight your way through the 6-7 Drowners on the shore (if you haven’t already) and swim out to the objective location zone. Activate your Witcher Sense to look for a red chest on the bed of the lake.

Use the Small Chest Key on the chest here (it contains high value sellable items and money) to complete the side-quest.

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