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Witcher 3 Honour Among Thieves Walkthrough

Honour Among Thieves Walkthrough

In the Casino during the ‘Get Junior’ main quest.

During the main quest ‘Get Junior’ you’ll have to infiltrate three of Whoreson Junior’s interests in Novigrad and search for clues. This side-quest can be found whilst searching his Casino.

If you are able to Bribe/AXII your way inside the casino peacefully, you’ll be able to move up to the first floor and play Gwent with three players around the room. Unfortunately, asking additional information from these players about Whoreson (or being a dick) will unfortunately cause them to call guards on you. Instead, beat all three of them at Gwent. At this point, a scene will play and a fight will break out anyway.

If you were unable to AXII your way in and you have to use force, you’ll have to fight your way to the top floor of the casino. There are a total of twelve guards in here that you will need to dispatch.

After doing your bit and the area is clear, on the top floor you’ll need to find and speak with the captive Halfling named Rico. Free him to start the ‘Honor Among Thieves’ side-quest.

To complete this, we simply need to revisit the King of Beggars in the Putrid Grove. Having a conversation with him will be enough to complete the quest and net you a reward.

Note: You’ll earn 100XP, Erlithlad (a Silver Sword) and Freya’ Warrior’s Armour for completing this quest.

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