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Witcher 3 How to Beat Harrisi (Arachas)

How to Beat Harrisi (Arachas)

This particular Arachas is particularly nasty. If you have not taken the time to destroy the Arachas eggs in the previous areas, when you fight the boss, you’ll also need to deal with up to 12 additional, lower level spiders which will attack constantly and have a slight chance of inflicting a poison status on Geralt.

The Arachas itself is bright purple and not only does it have the usual array of far-reaching melee attacks and charges, but it will also release clouds of toxin that can poison Geralt. These clouds can also stack, allowing Geralt to be poisoned multiple times.

To defeat it, you’ll be required to (obviously) stay out of the poison clouds as much as possible. If you neglected to destroy the eggs, it’s a good idea to eliminate the additional low-level enemies first before turning your attention to the main threat. When the boss has a cloud of toxin active, use Geralt’s ranged sign attacks IGNI and AARD (and to a lesser extent the crossbow) to deal damage. When there is no poison about, move in closer and use your melee attacks to whittle away at the boss’s health. At all times, you’ll want to be observing the boss and dodging its attacks to the best of your ability.

Boss: Harrisi (Arachas)

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