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Witcher 3 How to Beat Hym (Boss Fight)

Witcher 3 How to Beat Hym

The Hym will appear behind Udalryk within a few moments of the torches being lit. It is quite large and has a decent range on its melee attacks which it will use quite a bit and which are extremely damaging. It can also occasionally disappear and reappear elsewhere (although it does not do it very often). Due to the size of the room in which you fight it there is not a great deal of room to manouver around and as such, you’ll need to use your dodges quite a bit.

The Hym itself is weak against IGNI and due to its limited move set of melee attacks, can be effectively damaged by using your dodge and immediate counter attack. The key is to avoid its attacks and either counter immediately or blast him with IGNI during an opening.

During the point, Udalryk will hide in a corner. If he leaves the area, the Hym will de-spawn. If you do see Udalryk running away, run over to him and use AXII to calm him and have him return to the room.

Once the Hym has taken enough damage, it will retreat to the basement.

In the basement, unless you have lit the torches earlier, the Hym will be pretty difficult to spot. Make a quick lap of the room to quickly activate the torches/candles and other sources of light so you can see the bad guy.

Once it is visible, re-apply the same techniques as above to finish him off. Note that he will use his teleportation move a lot more frequently in the basement, but as long as you are prepared to dodge when you see him disappear, it should prove no real issue.

Note: For defeating the Hym, you’ll receive a Crystallised Essence.

Hym (Boss Fight)

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