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Witcher 3 How to Beat Ice Giant (Boss Fight)

Witcher 3 How to Beat Ice Giant

This battle takes part in two stages. The first stage has the Giant acting like the majority of the larger bosses you’ve fought so far – a nasty melee swinging charge attack, some damaging melee swings and a jump and ground slamming area of effect attack. As per the norm against enemies of this type, use your rolls to avoid the large attacks and take a swing or two when you see an opening. You can use YRDEN to slow his movement even further, attack with QUEN active to tank him briefly before retreating and IGNI will also do a small amount of ranged damage. The sword is where most of your damage will be coming from however so YRDEN/QUEN are the most useful signs to keep in mind here.

If you managed to save both Forlan and Vigi during this quest, both they and Hjalmar will also be with you here and help you out during combat. Whilst Hjalmar is next to invincible, Vigi is not, so try and draw aggro form the boss if he starts to take damage.

Once the Ice Giant hits around 50% health a short scene will play and he’ll equip himself with a chain weapon – that means long range melee attacks! Fortunately, the weapon he has will slow him down significantly – as such if you can draw him into an attack and then side-step it you can easily run in, attack him 2-3 times and run away again before he takes his next swing. Repeat this until he drops.

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Note: For defeating the Ice Giant, you’ll receive a Mastercrafted Silver Sword.

Ice Giant (Boss Fight)

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