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Witcher 3 How to Beat White Lady (Noonwraith)

How to Beat White Lady (Noonwraith)

Boss: White Lady (Noonwraith)

If you completed the ‘Contract: Devil by the Well’ Witcher Contract in White Orchard near the start of the game, this boss fight is essentially the same. As this is the case, the same general tactics will apply, just to a higher level enemy.

The White Lady appears in a ghostly form at first and will perform some very swift swipe attacks and some regular style melee attacks, both of which will damage quite a bit when they hit. She’ll also be able to blind Geralt temporarily and create copies of herself which will restore her health as long as they are out. As such, when she splits into several clones kill them as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of health regain she is able to achieve.

The most effective way to defeat the Noonwraith is to plant a YRDEN sign trap and lure her through it – this will transform her from her ghostly form into a physical form which will take significantly more damage than the ghostly version. It is best to use your swords on the physical form, get a hit or two in and then back off to avoid her attacks. Continue until she’s dead… but for real this time.

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White Lady (Noonwraith)

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