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Witcher 3 Little Red Walkthrough

Little Red Walkthrough

This side-quest can be started by speaking with Bertram, located northeast of Novigrad in the town of Yantra.

You can start this quest by speaking to one of the NPC’s gathered around the road on the western side of the town of Yantra. After a brief conversation you’ll learn that a pack of bandits led by ‘Little Red’ plan to attack the town at dusk to get back at Bertram.

Prepare yourself and then meditate until sundown (6:00PM). When the anointed hour arrives, you’ll find Little Red standing on the western side of town. Approach her for a conversation.

There are essentially two outcomes to this quest, we can either attack Little Red and her bandits, or allow them to take Bertram. The latter option is easiest as they’ll simply take Bertram and head off, never to be seen from again. The former option however is a little trickier.

If you do decide to fight the bandits and Little Red, you are in for a tough fight. Little Red herself is Werewolf and her band of six Bandits are all level 15. During the fight, you’ll want to focus on killing the Bandits first, so try to keep an eye on the Werewolf and use YRDEN or other signs (IGNI, AARD) to keep her stunned or at a distance until you can dispatch her underlings.

With the Bandits out of the way, you can focus on killing the Werewolf. Be sure to switch in your silver sword though, so you actually deal some decent damage! If you take too long to kill the Werewolf, it can retreat a short distance into the nearby Sunflower fields, which can be frustrating as she’ll be able to attack you whilst you can’t see her. If she does, try to back off or use your crossbow to draw her back out to the road so that you can fight her in the open again.

Once you have killed the group, a short scene will play in which you’ll receive a reward to complete the side-quest.

Note: For letting the Bandits take Bertram, you’ll earn 25XP and 20 Crowns.

Note: For letting the Bandits take Bertram, you’ll earn 25XP and 10 Crowns.

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