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Witcher 3 Master of the Arena Walkthrough

Master of the Arena Walkthrough

This side-quest will begin automatically after speaking to the Bookie for the first time during the ‘Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions’ side-quest.

As soon as we have received the quest, we’ll be tasked with speaking to nearby townspeople to find out what the problem is with the arena. The persons we’ll want to speak with are Gunnar and Lydrik in a nearby guard tower overlooking the arena.

After chatting with them and accepting the side-quest to rid the arena of the ghost, make your way down to the gate and head inside. Approach and speak with the Spectre here. After a short chat, you’ll be required to fight it.

Fortunately, the spectre acts as any other sword wielding humanoid archetype in the game, and a fairly slow one at that. Simply hit him 3-4 ties and a short scene will play indicating victory. The problem, he’s not going away that quickly. We’ll need to find another way to get him to leave.

Have Geralt meditate for about a day to have the ghost respawn. Speak to him once again and again challenge him. This time, we’ll want to let the ghost win – do not try to fight back, let him keep on pounding you until a scene plays.

Note: At this point you’ll earn 25XP.

When we are back in control of Geralt, pilot him back to Gunnar and Lydrik in the guard tower to inform them that the ghost is gone.

Note: At this point you’ll earn 15 Crowns..

To complete the side-quest, we’ll need to wait a few days in game until an objective marker appears back at the town of Hov again. When it does appear, head on back and speak to Gunnar and Lydrik one final time to finish it off.

Note: For completing the side-quest you’ll earn 25XP and 20 Crowns.

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