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Witcher 3 Novigrad, Closed City Walkthrough

Novigrad, Closed City Walkthrough

Novigrad, Closed City Part #I

From Lussi on the ‘St. Gregory’s Bridge’ linking central Novigrad with Temple Isle.

Note: This quest seems a little bit buggy. As I progressed through it, for whatever reason I already had completed several objectives. I later found a second side-quest ‘Novigrad, Closed City II’ which had me complete the objectives which had already been registered as completed in this quest. Weird.

After a brief chat with Lussi to kick off the quest, we’ll need to follow her a short distance along the bridge until she leads you to a door. Head on through to continue.

As soon as you enter the abode, you’ll be attacked by a pair of level 11 Witch Hunters. Defend yourself and kill the pair of them to trigger another conversation with Lussi.

After the scene, loot the Witch Hunters bodies for a Note – Warrant. Head into the key item section of your inventory and read the Warrant to update your objectives.

After reading the Warrant, have a peek at your map and you’ll notice that there are two objective markers to investigate – one in the Bits in the south-eastern section of the main island of Novigrad and another in the middle of Oxenfurt. Let’s head into town first as that’s the closest to our current position.

The objective marker in The Bits will turn into a search area once you arrive. Inside one of the buildings within the search area, you’ll find the contact – a dead body. Climb the stairs beside him and use Witcher Senses to find the marked torch near the top of the stairs. Approach and interact with this to open a secret doorway.

Inside the hidden room, loot the Key and the note – Letter About Treasure from the desk. Head into the key item section of your inventory and read the Letter About Treasure to update your objectives.

Now, whilst facing the desk, look to the left side of the room. See the cabinet below the bookshelf? Interact with this with the three Keys in hand to find and unlock the safe. You’ll receive Formula: Nigredo and some other goodies for your troubles.

This will also complete the quest.

Novigrad, Closed City Part #II

Just north of the Golden Sturgeon Tavern.

This quest is started by speaking to a group of Bandits marked with a ‘!’ who can be found just north of the Golden Sturgeon Tavern, in the streets south of the buildings below the pair of boat markers on the map. During the conversation, agree to help them to continue.

Following the conversation, you’ll find yourself in a search area. Stick on Witcher Senses to have a look around. Up the street to the northeast of your initial position you’ll find a pair of footprints to inspect.

Investigating the footprints with Witcher Sense will create a scent trail we can follow with Witcher Sense active that will lead us to the next objective location. Continue to follow the trail of footprints, blood stains and scent trails until you find a wounded man in a garden beside a large doorway. A scene will play.

During the subsequent conversation, we’ll have a pair of options to end the side-quest:

“Do what you will” – You’ll earn a few Crowns and the quest will be complete.

“Hands off” – You’ll need to kill the three Bandits. Afterwards you’ll need to make one final decision to end the side-quest.

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