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Witcher 3 Queen Zuleyka’s Treasure Walkthrough

Queen Zuleyka’s Treasure Walkthrough

Start Location: On the beach to the northwest of the town of Midcopse and just north of the ‘Coast of Wrecks‘ fast travel marker.

When you reach the location, you’ll find it guarded by a large number of level 7-8 Pirates. This can be a little tricky if you are at a similar level, so if you wish to attempt it at that point, make sure you deal with the 3-4 crossbowmen first!

When the area is cleared of bad guys, flick on Geralt’s Witcher Sense to find a glowing red note by one of the camp fires on the beach. Loot the note here for a Pirate’s Notes – this will activate the side-quest ‘Queen Zuleyka’s Treasure‘.

Read the Pirate’s Notes in the Key Items section of the inventory. This will update the objectives.

Enter the water and swim out to the search area just north of the small island to the west. Note that there are plenty of Drowners swimming around in these waters here and you’ll likely be unable to reach the search area without eliminating a couple. As such, dive underwater as you approach and use your crossbow to dispatch any Drowners swimming around in close proximity to the target area.

When you are clear, dive down to the seabed at the search area to find a large ship on its side on the sea floor. Enter the opening in the side of the shipwreck closest to shore and use Witcher Sense to locate the target chest. Loot the chest by the giant, spiked shell here for a set of Assassin’s Trousers and some other goodies.

This will also end the side-quest.

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