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Witcher 3 Reason of State Walkthrough

Reason of State Walkthrough

From Djikstra, Roche and Thaler in a warehouse in the western section of the Novigrad Docks. Will only appear after having completed ‘A Matter of Life and Death’, ‘Now or never’, ‘A Deadly Plot’ and ‘Blindingly Obvious’.

After activating the side-quest, you’ll need to travel to the Novigrad Docks and work your way over to the westernmost section of the area. Approach the door with the objective marker and interact with it to have it open.

Part 1: Assassination

Inside, climb the stairs to the upper level to trigger a scene to begin the quest. During the conversation, continue to respond positively and ultimately agree to the plan and Geralt’s part in it. Following the initial planning session, leave the warehouse.

As soon as you get outside, you’ll immediately get caught up in another conversation with Philippa Eihart. During the conversation, she’ll hand you a new quest item Vizimir II’s Ring. Apparently to help you lure King Radovid from his safe haven.

When you regain control, make your way over to the northern part of the Novigrad Docks. At the far southern and of the lengthy pier here, just by the Golden Sturgeon Tavern you’ll find King Radovid’s ship moored. Speak with the guard indicated with the objective marker and select the “An audience” option to continue.

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Following the scene, you’ll be back in Novigrad with Radovid and his men. He’ll turn on you at this point and no matter what conversation option you choose you’ll still need to fight off 4-5 Redanian Soldiers as soon as you regain control. Fortunately, though, you’ll have a few allies along for the ride so it won’t be all that difficult.

Follow Roche along the set path here and fight through the various groups of Redanian Soldiers as you come to them. Continue moving through the defenders until you reach a barricade with King Radovid behind it. Clear all of the enemies in the immediate area to trigger a scene.

Note: At this point you’ll earn the achievement/trophy ‘Assassin of Kings’.

Part 2: The Aftermath

The following scene takes place back at the theatre to where Thaler and Djikstra are awaiting our arrival. During the scene, you’ll have an opportunity for another timed decision. You can choose to say either:

  • “Won’t let you kill them.” – This will trigger a final fight scene.
  • “Do what you will.” – After another short scene the quest will complete.

Note: This decision will have consequence on the world state at the end of the game, so be sure to choose wisely!

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If you choose to fight, there are a good 8-9 level 30 soldiers and the character whom we opposed to fight. The good news is you’ll have the support of all the other allies in the area and with all that power combined, the fight should be a relatively short one.

After clearing the area of hostiles (or if you chose to leave) a scene will play to bring the side-quest to a close.

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