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Witcher 3 Redania’s Most Wanted Walkthrough

Redania’s Most Wanted Walkthrough

This quest is automatically obtained from King Radovid during ‘A Favour for Radovid’ immediately after completing the ‘Get Junior’ main quest.

Once you have received your marching orders from Radovid, make your way over to the objective marker at the ruins of Est Taymar which are located to the northwest of Oxenfurt. You’ll bump into a group of Radovid’s Witch Hunters here – speak to them for some additional information and a Key.

Drop down the small entrance here. As soon as you reach the floor, turn to the right to find a weak wall you can knock down with AARD – inside is a corpse holding Diagram: Feline Silver Sword (This will kick off the side-quest ‘Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear’ if you haven’t got it already). Exit the hidden area and follow the path until you reach a purple magic barrier. Turn on your Witcher Sense to find a glowing square on the wall nearby. Interact with this mechanism on to remove the magic shield.

Note: At this point you’ll earn 50XP.

Enter the open portal to the right and fend off the Nekkers as you work your way along the set path down the stairway. When you reach the end, you’ll find an inactive portal. Using Witcher Sense, find the crystal near the wall opposite and hit it with a blast of AARD to activate the portal.

Entering the portal will trigger a conversation with a lost Witch Hunter. He has a key item – Power Cell that you’ll need but won’t hand it over. During the conversation you’ll have a few options:

  1. Use AXII (Level 2) – He’ll hand over the Power Cell, no questions asked. This option will also net you 40XP.
  2. “Gimme the crystal or…” – This will trigger a fist fight in which you’ll need to beat him up. You’ll receive the Power Cell afterwards.

Once you are done with the Witch Hunter, you can loot the chests in the room if you wish. Continue through the open doorway to find the next inactive portal. Turn to face the door you came from and examine the wall to the left. Place the Power Cell here and hit it with a blast of AARD to activate the portal.

As soon as you step through the portal you’ll be set upon by a group of three Nekkers. Defend yourself and take them all down. Loot the chest nearby. The open doorway ahead leads to another inactive portal, so find and drop down the small gap by the portal we just came in from.

At the end of the short tunnel here you’ll need to kill another group of three Nekkers. Once they are dead, loot the Power Cell from the ground nearby and return to the previous room.

Head to the next inactive portal and as with the previous Power Cell, place it in the small socket to the left of the doorway and hit it with a blast of AARD to activate the portal. Enter.

Note: At this point you’ll earn 70XP.

At this point, you’ll want to meditate as there is a boss fight in the next room. When you are ready, proceed down the stairs and enter the cavern to face off against Ifrit.

Boss: Ifrit

Ifrit is a large fire elemental with a move set similar to many of the large monsters such as the Golem we fought earlier, Ifrit is faster than the Golem however and when enraged can activate a fiery aura that will cause fire damage to Geralt if he stays too close for too long.

Ifrit can dish out some extremely damaging close range melee attacks and will regularly punch the ground causing an area of effect shockwave if you stay too close. He also has ranged capabilities with and will also shoot out a wave of fire in a line directly in front of him as well as tossing fireballs that can explode on impact causing a little splash damage if you are too close to them.

Whilst he sounds tough, he is actually not all that tricky to take down. Using AARD will temporarily remove his fiery aura; disabling his fire-based AOE smash and allowing you to pretty much treat him as a regular large enemy. YRDEN is also helpful in that it will slow him down to make him more manageable. Once he is in the weakened state, we’ll need to wait for an opening in its attacks. Fortunately most of its attacks are quite obviously telegraphed and there is a small window after any attack he does.

Alternatively, you can also use QUEN in small doses to tank the boss is an option although, you should still try to avoid his hits as much as possible though as he does do a LOT of damage.

Make sure to loot the body when you have killed it and use Witcher Sense to explore the room to find a number of chests (two near the entrance portal, another behind the entrance portal and another to the left of where the Fire Elemental emerged from) we can loot for some decent reagents and gear (I also found Diagram: guardsman’s Boots).

Enter Phillipa’s lab via the doorway the Fire Elemental came from. We’ll need to explore the area. Activate Witcher Sense and explore the room. You’ll be able to inspect the following:

  • Blood-stained surgical instruments by the bed.
  • Bottle of disinfectant on the floor by the left hand brazier. Charred notes on the left side of the room.
  • The megascope on the right side of the room.
  • The Polished Crystal on the floor by the megascope.

Once you have examined the Polished Crystal your objectives will be updated.

Return to the previous room and note the inactive portal beside the portal we entered form. Examine the wall next to this to find a crystal we can hit with AARD to activate it. This portal will return us near the entrance to the hideout.

As you move to leave the hideout, you’ll be confronted by the Witch Hunters. They’ll want the Polished Crystal you found so they can steal your credit and stuff and whilst you can hand it over, it’s better to continue the quest afterwards. As such, you’ll need to kill them all.

Now to finish this quest we have a choice, depending on what stage of the main quest line you are at, you’ll be able to give the Polished Crystal to one of the sorceresses – either Triss in Novigrad (prior to completing the ‘Now or Never’ side-quest) or Yennefer in Kaer Trolde (Skellige Isles before starting the ‘Ugly Baby’ quest) or at Kaer Morhen (after completing the ‘Ugly Baby’ quest).

Alternatively you can hand the Polished Crystal into King Radovid.

Either option is fine and does not seem to have any bearing on consequences or the outcome of anything else so far as I am aware.

Either way you choose to go, once you’ve handed it over, head back to Radovid in Oxenfurt Harbour and speak with him to complete the side-quest.

Note: For completing the quest, you’ll earn 50XP.

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