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Witcher 3 The Dwarven Document Dilemma Quest Guide

Witcher 3 The Dwarven Document Dilemma Quest Guide

In the Tretogor Gate area in southeastern Novigrad, by the bridge leading to the Seven Cats Inn.

As you near the location listed above, a ‘!’ quest icon will appear on the map, you’ll see a Dwarf here named Rostan Muggs who will call you over. Speak with the Dwarf and during the conversation choose the top option each time to agree to help him out.

Following the conversation, we’ll have a new objective marker on the map. Make your way across the nearby bridge towards the Seven Cats Inn until you reach the search area at the far end of the bridge. As you arrive at the search area, activate Witcher Sense and you can inspect the following:

  • The smashed bottle of Dwarven moonshine on the ground.

Investigating the smashed bottle with Witcher Sense will create a scent trail we can follow with Witcher Sense active that will lead us to the next objective location. You’ll see that it leads you right to an NPC named Gerd sitting outside the seven Cats Inn. Speak with him.

You’ll be given three options during the conversation, each of which results in a different outcome. They include:

  • “Gimme the papers. Now.” – This will result in a fist fight. Win to receive the papers.
  • “I’ll play you for them.” – You’ll play him at Gwent. Defeat him to receive the papers.
  • “Give me the documents. You have to” – Geralt will use AXII (level 2) and the fellow will hand over the papers without a fuss. This will also net you 40XP.

Either way you go about getting them, once you have them in your possession, return across the bridge and speak to the Dwarf once again. Following the conversation, the side-quest will draw to a close.

Note: For completing the side-quest you’ll earn 25XP and 20 Crowns.

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