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Witcher 3 The Gangs of Novigrad Quest Guide

Witcher 3 The Gangs of Novigrad Quest

Speak with Cleaver before exploring Whoreson Junior’s three points of interest in Novigrad during the ‘Get Junior’ main quest.

Once you have finished up in the bathhouse during the ‘Get Junior’ quest, we’ll need to search three areas of interest. Now before we get carried away and check them out, at this point you should quickly activate the secondary quest ‘Gangs of Novigrad’ and speak to Cleaver near Herirarch’s Square in central Novigrad. This secondary quest runs concurrently with the main quest ‘Get Junior’ at this point and makes things a little easier whilst also providing some additional XP. Speaking with Cleaver will give you some backup whilst you explore the next two areas.

Note: Not visiting Cleaver will result in failing the side-quest if we go too far in the ‘Get Junior’ quest without kicking it off.

To start the quest, approach Cleaver’s location in central Novigrad for a scene. During the scene, you are given a choice to either lead Cleaver’s men whilst you search Whoreson’s hideouts or to reject the help. You’ll want to agree to them helping you to proceed with the quest.

Note: If you accept this quest, you’ll only be able to force your way through the following areas using violence.

With the ‘Gangs of Novigrad’ quest as your active task, seek out the yellow investigation circle close to the southern of the two remaining objective markers. Speak to the dwarves here and when you are ready to go, let them know so.

The dwarves will run off and essentially slaughter everyone inside of the target building. Help them out and fight your way to the top floor – there are a grand total of 12 guards to deal with. Once the area is clear, on the top floor you’ll need to find and speak with the captive Halfling named Rico.

Note: You can release Rico to pick up a secondary quest ‘Honour Among Thieves’.

Once you have completed the scene with Rico your objectives will be updated and you’ll be good to move onto the next area.

Note: At this point you will earn 150XP.

As with the previous area we had to search, make sure that the ‘Gangs of Novigrad’ quest is set as your active task and find and speak to the dwarves by the entrance to the final area of interest. When you are ready to go, let them know.

The dwarves will enter the gates and travel down to the arena killing everything that gets in their way and it’s your job to help them out (but it’s a good idea to let them do all the heavy lifting). There are two enemies outside the gate followed by two rooms with four guards each. Finally you’ll arrive at a room with a throne on one side. Here you’ll need to hell the dwarves kill Igor, a dog and 5-6 guards.

Once you have cleared the area, loot Igor’s corpse to find Igor’s Key. Use Igor’s Key on the small chest on the table by the throne to pick up a Message from Igor. Head into your inventory and read this document.

From Igor’s room, return to the previous room closer to the entrance and enter the passage to the left through the open grating. Follow the ramp down and move through the gate at the bottom.

Turn left when you reach the intersection and switch on your Witcher Senses. Here you’ll be able to inspect the following:

  • Scratch marks on the floor in front of the silhouette of a hidden door.
  • The torch on the wall to the right of the hidden door.

Once you have interacted with the torch the hidden door will open. Inside the small room here you’ll find numerous containers to loot, but our true goal is the chest opposite the entrance which contains some Crowns and a quest item – Mysterious Letter. Head into your inventory and read this document.

Note: At this point you will earn 150XP.

Now that we have collected all the information available we can return to Djikstra in the bath house for a conversation.

We’ll now need to head over to the Partisan Camp which is located just to the north of Oxenfurt. Before we leave Novigrad however, you should go and turn in the secondary quests ‘Honour Among Thieves’ and ‘Gangs of Novigrad’.

Note: The ‘Gangs of Novigrad’ will be failed during the next part of this main quest if we do not turn it in at this point.

Note: For completing the quest, you’ll earn 50XP and 300 Crowns.

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