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Witcher 3 The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby Quest Guide

The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby Quest Guide

Can be started by reading a notice on a table under the shelter next to Harold in Hierarch’s Square.

This side-quest is quite similar to ‘Races: Crow’s Perch’ in Velen (if you have completed that) and it is broken down into a series of three races that are short, relatively easy and probably won’t cause you too much grief as long as you are alright in the saddle. The quests require that you best a series of challengers in horse races over a number of different courses.

For horse racing, there are a few general tips that you should always look to exploit:

Getting in front early is your best bet. Be sure alternate between canter and running to recharge your horse’s stamina though!

When you are in front, you can drop back from a gallop to a canter and effectively move back and forward to block other horses coming from behind. This is especially effective in narrow segments of track.

Be sure to stay on the racing line! Some races will fail you if you stray too far and Roach is likely to come to a screeching halt if you hit any slight obstacle along the way.

When you are ready to begin the side-quest itself, you need to make your way over to the Vegelbud Estate to the east of Novigrad. Speak with the Race Master, located at the top of the large wooden seating platform to enter Geralt into races. For each of the three initial races in the ‘The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby’ side-quest, there is a modest entry fee of 100 Crowns you’ll need to pay in order to compete.

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As you progress through the races, they’ll get progressively longer and the tracks will change as well. The strategy remains the same though; you’ll need to follow the racing line on the mini-map whilst going through the lit up checkpoints on route. You’ll have a single opponent in each race and as long as you use the tips above and avoid bumping into obstacles or careening off fences too frequently you should have no real issues with being victoriously victorious in each.

  • Note: For winning the first race you’ll earn 160 Crowns, a Superior Racing Saddle and 25XP.
  • Note: For winning the second race you’ll earn 160 Crowns, a Rugged Saddlebags and 25XP.
  • Note: For winning the third race you’ll earn 200 Crowns, a Superior Cavalry Saddle and 25XP.
  • Note: For winning all three races, you’ll also be rewarded with an addition 80 Crowns and 75XP.

After collecting your winnings and having the Racing Master gushing over your performance, head down the nearby stairs. As you reach the ground a Dwarf will approach you for a short scene. He’ll hand you a note Message from Carlo Varese.

Read the Message from Carlo Varese in the Key Items section of the inventory menu. This will update the objectives.

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Return to Novigrad to speak with Cleaver in his normal base of operations just to the west of Hierarch’s Square. During the conversation he’ll invite you to compete in one final race. Fortunately, there is no entry fee this time around, but there is a much, much more difficult race to win.

The final race takes part on the outskirts of Novigrad. This time around you’ll be racing against two other opponents on a course filled with narrow dirt paths and plenty of objects that our overly sensitive horse is prone to get stuck on if you don’t stick to the middle of the track. As such, do your best to follow the above tactics whilst sticking to the racing line as much as possible.

If you can keep it together over the course of the lengthy last race, you’ll complete the quest and earn some serious coin to boot.

Note: For winning the final race you’ll earn 700 Crowns, Racing Horse Blinders and 25XP.

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