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Witcher 3 The Heroes’ Pursuits Farylund Walkthrough

Witcher 3 The Heroes’ Pursuits: Farylund

The horse race starting area just to the north of the town of Farylund on Ard Skellig.

When you are ready to begin the side-quest itself, you need to make your way over to the starting line to the north of Farylund and speak with the Race Master here. We’ll need to win the race to continue.

For horse racing, there are a few general tips that you should always look to exploit:

  • Getting in front early is your best bet. Be sure alternate between canter and running to recharge your horse’s stamina though!
  • When you are in front, you can drop back from a gallop to a canter and effectively move back and forward to block other horses coming from behind whilst your horse regains its stamina. This is especially effective in narrow segments of track.
  • Be sure to stay on the racing line! Some races will fail you if you stray too far and Roach is likely to come to a screeching halt if you hit any slight obstacle along the way.

Be warned that this race is extremely short and the two competitors whom you are racing against will try to race ahead early. It is important that you stick to the racing line as much as possible in this race as the path goes along a cliff’s edge and a misstep can have Roach drop to a lower ledge where you’ll be unable to get back up in time to recover. There are also several trees, rocks and other obstacles just off the path, so avoid coming into contact with them as well.

Once you have won the race, the quest will be completed.

Note: For winning the race, you’ll earn 25XP, 50 Crowns and the Zerrikanian Saddlebags.

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