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Witcher 3 The Nithing Walkthrough

Witcher 3 The Nithing Walkthrough

This quest can be acquired via a notice posted on the Rannvaig Notice board in cental, western Ard Skellig.

After grabbing the side-quest from the notice board in Rannvaig, make your way to the small shack marked with the objective marker to the south and speak with Lothar outside.

Following the brief conversation, head over to the small yellow search area nearby and we’ll need to investigate the area a little to progress with the side-quest. Activate Witcher Sense and you can inspect the following:

  • The Nithing itself (the horse head on the shaft).
  • A set of footprints leading away from the search area.

After examining the initial footprints, you’ll notice that there is a trail of said footprints leading away from the area. Activate your Witcher Sense and follow this trail a short distance until the tracks stop. At this point, examine the woman’s shawl hanging on the nearby tree.

Once we have examined the woman’s shawl, a scent trail will appear whilst in Witcher Sense mode. Follow this through the forest until you find yourself back in the town of Rannvaig again. At this point the scent trail will disappear and we’ll need to ask around about the woman’s shawl.

Within the search area, you’ll want to speak with NPCs named ‘Skellige Woman’ and inquire about the woman’s shawl. After speaking with one of them, she’ll inform you that it belongs to Jonna, the village Herbalist.

Make your way over to Jonna and speak with her to have your objectives updated.

Return to Lothar outside of town and tell him the development. At this point, you’ll have a choice to make. Depending on the conversation option, different outcomes will eventuate.

  • “Can’t do that” – this will end the quest immediately.
  • “So be it” – Geralt will need to return to the Nithing nearby and interact with it. Afterwards, speak with Lothar to end the side-quest. Note that this will kill the Herbalist, so you’ll need to find another source of rare herbs if you choose this option!

Note: Either way you decide to complete the quest; you’ll earn 75XP. For reversing the curse, you’ll also earn an additional 60 Crowns but will lose access to the Herbalist as a result.

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