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Witcher 3 The Path of Warriors Walkthrough

Witcher 3 The Path of Warriors Walkthrough

Speak to the villagers who are hanging out near the travel marker for ‘Urialla Harbor’ on An Skellig, the large north-eastern island of the Skellige Isles.

Once you have picked up the quest from the notice board, you’ll notice an objective marker has appeared on the map just to the northeast of Urialla Harbour, right by the ‘Trail to Yngvar’s Fang’ fast travel marker (if you have it unlocked). Head on over to this location and speak with Gunnar on the side of the trail.

During the conversation you’ll need to ask about both the upper path and the lower path before you are given the option to start the side-quest.

When you are given the green light to start the path of the warriors, climb the stairs beside Gunnar. Follow the path across the first bridge and hop to the next ledge ahead. There is a group of 5-6 level 13 Sirens flying around at this point and as we’ll need to do a bit of fancy jumping and manoeuvring along narrow paths in the not too distant future, it’s a good idea to pull them now so we can focus on our platforming without distraction. Use your crossbow to make them angry one at a time and take them all out before moving any further.

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Take a run up and jump across the next large gap to the ledge opposite and loot the corpses on the ground here (one of them contained Manuscript Page: Enhanced Swallow for me). Climb up to the ledge above and follow the fairly obvious set path up a series of ledges until you can go no further. At this point, slide down to the platform below and continue along the paved path.

After leaping across the large gap in the paved path, you’ll come across a ruined tower. On the right hand wall there is a door we can open. This leads to some Bear School Gear. Remember this spot for later!

For now, keep making your way up the ruins here by taking the stairs upwards anytime you see then and then hopping across gaps where required. You’ll soon come across an old man sitting beside a building on the side of the path to the left. This place signifies that you’ve almost made it up!

Continue along the dirt path the game lays out for you and be prepared for quite a lot of gap jumping for the next few minutes until you reach the peak of the mountain. Note that there is another group of 3-4 Sirens/harpies on the way up, so as before, when you see them, before to pull and eliminate them in a safe spot first, rather than trying to make tricky jumps with them attacking you!

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At the top of the mountain you can interact with the large obelisk statue in the centre to loot the Trial of Dexterity Completion Token.

  • Note: At this point you’ll earn 50XP.

In the immediate area you’ll also unlock a new fast travel marker ‘Yngvar’s Fang’, find a Place of Power (QUEN) and a chest to loot.

Now it’s time to head down the mountain. Follow the small set of stairs to the right of the fast travel marker until they disappear and slide down the slope to reach the entrance to the cave at the bottom.

  • Note: If you have the ‘Hearts of Stone’ DLC expansion installed, this will earn you an achievement/trophy ‘Rad Steelz, Bro!’ for sliding continuously for 10 seconds.

Enter the cave, drop down to the area below and continue until you reach a pool of water. Dive under the water and swim through the underwater tunnel to the far end. Keep an eye on the roof as you’ll be able to surface once or twice to recover your breath, or alternatively you can pop a Killer Whale Potion and you’ll be able to swim the entire length of the tunnel.

At the far end of the underwater tunnel, you’ll come across a chest marked with the objective marker. Loot this for the Path of Warriors Completion Token. You’ll be able to surface right above this if you are running low on oxygen.

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With both tokens, we can now follow the objective markers nearby and they’ll lead us to an exit.

Upon exiting the cave, you’ll be setup on immediately by a group of three bandits. Deal with them and a pack of Wolves a little further along the trail as you make your way back to Urialla Harbour. Once you have safely arrived, simply return to Gunnar at the base of the Path of Warriors once again to hand in the side-quest.

Note: For completing the side-quest you’ll earn 50XP, Diagram: Assault Gauntlets, Mag Deira Cuirass, 5 x Sewant Mushrooms and 2 x Hard Leather.

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