Witcher 3 The Price of Honor Walkthrough

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The Price of Honor Walkthrough

From Timmon in the northern part of the village of Harviken on the southern island of Faroe.

Note: This side-quest can only be completed after Keira Metz’s ‘The Magic Lamp’ side-quest as use of the Magic Lamp is required.

After speaking with Timmon to start the quest, a new objective marker will appear on the map on the far eastern side of the island of Faroe. Work your way over to this location to find the marker leading you to a secluded beach.

Upon approaching the objective marker on the beach, it will transition into a search area. Approach the sea shore and you should be able to make out a Siren feasting on a corpse here. Kill the Siren before turning on Geralt’s Witcher Senses and inspecting the corpse.

Make sure you have your Magic Lamp equipped and use this key item on the corpse to watch a brief ghostly scene.

Following the scene, Geralt will be able to spot footprints with Witcher Senses active. Follow these a short distance inland and up towards a large tree on a hill to the east. When you arrive at the destination, you’ll find a grisly sight. Activate Witcher Sense and you can inspect the following:

  • The body propped up against the tree.
  • The symbol scrawled on the rock behind the tree.
  • The body lying next to the tree.

We can loot the body lying next to the tree here for a Letter from Agda’s Father to Timmon and a Chest Key.

Although the game does not mention it, you can optionally return to the site on the beach where we killed the Siren. If you look out into the water here you should be able to see a mast sticking up out of the water nearby. Swim over to this and locate the chest on the seafloor nearby. Use the Chest Key to open the chest.

With your quest items in hand, return to the village of Harviken and speak with Timmon once again to complete the quest.

Note: For completing this side-quest you’ll earn 25XP.

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