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Witcher 3 The Volunteer Quest Guide

The Volunteer Quest Guide

This quest can be acquired via a notice posted on the Oxenfurt Notice board.

Once you have initiated this quest, you’ll need to head out to the objective marker on one of the islands in the bay to the west of the Oxenfurt Docks. Here, enter the search zone and locate the source of the singing – it shouldn’t be hard to find.

The Rock Troll here is our target, but before you speak with him, be sure to loot the chest nearby for Diagram: Enhanced Griffin Armour.

Speak with the Rock Troll and he’ll ask you to bring him some paint. Fortunately, finding him will have unlocked a fast travel point nearby (White Eagle Fort), so use it to head over to Oxenfurt and go to the merchant marked on the map. Purchase the Paint from the merchant (it should be in the top left corner of his inventory).

Return to the Rock Troll and either help him with the paint job or let him do it himself, either way he’ll be happy and the quest will be completed.

Note: For completing the quest, the Rock Troll will hand over Diagram: Gven’nel, Diagram: Axeman’s Gauntlets, 10 X Goat Hide, 5 X Deer Hide.

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