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Witcher 3 Though Shall Not Pass Walkthrough

Though Shall Not Pass Walkthrough

Start Location: Speak to the Guard at the northern end of the bridge just north of the Hangman’s tree fast travel point.

As you approach the guard post a scene will play and a conversation ensues. During the conversation, you are told that there is no way through without a pass. You can use the AAXI sign, or pay the guard 10 Crowns to learn how to get a pass.

Note: You’ll earn 25XP by using AAXI on the guard.

Return to the refugee camp at the far end of the bridge. There are two ways to complete this mission. You can either:

  • Find the Shady Merchant in the camp here and complete the ‘Fake Papers’ and ‘Bitter Harvest’ side-quests.
  • You will also earn a pass for during one of the core story quests ‘Family Matters’.
  • It is possible to also earn a pass during the side-quest ‘A Deadly Plot’.

Either way, once you have a pass, return to the soldier and present it during the conversation to complete the quest.

Note: for completing the side-quest you’ll earn 75XP.

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