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Witcher 3 Warehouse of Woe Quest Guide

Warehouse of Woe Quest Guide

In the western part of the horn shaped region of the Novigrad Docks.

This quest is started by speaking to a group of Guards standing by an arguing Dwarf and human on the southwestern side of the Novigrad Docks area. As you approach, you’ll see a ‘!’ icon appear on the map. Speak to the guards here and during the conversation, agree to help them to continue.

After the chat, enter the nearby door to the warehouse. You’ll find a single level 13 Nekker inside. Once you have dispatched the monster, throw on your Witcher Senses and examine the following:

  • A broken crate in the far left corner (from the initial entry point)
  • Footprints on the ground by the broken crate.

Return to the guard outside and during the conversation you’ll be able to either bring up the cage or not. If you do, you’ll be able to accuse either the human or the Dwarf. Unfortunately, the choice does not really matter as you’ll get the same reward regardless of outcome.

Note: for completing this side-quest you’ll earn 25XP and 60 Crowns.

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