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Witcher 3 Witcher Wannabe Walkthrough

Witcher Wannabe Walkthrough

Start Location: This quest can be acquired by speaking with the Ealdorman in Lindenvale.

After accepting the side-quest from the Ealdorman, make your way to the cemetery located at the top of the hill to the east of Lindenvale.

There is a Ghoul running around in the cemetery and it shouldn’t take too much effort to take down. With the enemy out of the picture, you can use your Witcher Senses to hunt down the fake ‘Witcher’ hiding behind the main crypt in the cemetery. Approach him for a scene.

During the subsequent conversation, there are multiple outcomes that can befall our imposter. We can turn him over to the villagers, or convince them he’s the real deal. Either way you go about making your choices, you’ll earn the same amount of XP.

Once the conversation ends, the side-quest will be complete.

Note: For completing this quest, you’ll earn 25XP.

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