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Wizard101 – Use your old account on the Steam version

So I do hate when companies release a game on Steam, and to avoid the % Steam takes away, they don’t let you use your old account.. So here is the thing, you can just copy and paste into the Steam one:

Use your old account on the Steam version

Go to your Wizard101 installation folder, then PatchClient\BankA and copy the files:

  • WizardLauncher.exe
  • WizardLauncher.Log.txt
  • WizardLauncherUI.dll

Then go to wherever you got your Steam installed, then steamapp\common\Wizard101\PatchClient\BankA

Replace the files and open the game within Steam, that way you will be able to have Steam track your hours

Disclaimer, the SteamAPI files are still on the folder, but Idk if they are going to can be accesible by the game itself after the change, so keep in mind that it may or may not work, thus, if they add achievements in the future and DLCs, they might not work.. In game purchases with the Steam wallet may not work either, and you may need to get funds using the normal way to get it, but as I said, Steam will track the hours and should have 100% compatibility with the overlay, if by any reason you had any problem (having it as a non-Steam game)

I mainly do it so all my games are on 1 place (Steam since its the platform with the most games), I had it as a non-Steam game but having track my hours is kinda cool imo

Written by Mandrake158

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