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WLK REROLL How to listen to music outside of the game

This guide tells you how to enjoy the music of the game, outside of the game!

This guide was made to inform people who have purchased the game how to extract the music to enjoy for their own use.

How to listen to music outside of the game

  • First off, make sure the game is downloaded and installed.
  • Head to https://github.com/AssetRipper/AssetRipper/releases and download the appropriate release for your operating system.
  • Open up Asset Ripper and then use File > Open Folder to navigate to your We Love Katamari Steam Install. If you are not sure where this is located, find the game in your Steam Library, then look for the Gear icon on the right when you have the game page open. Look for the option that asks to Browse Local Files.
  • This should take you to …/Steam/steamapps/common/WLKRR – From here you navigate using AssetRipper to: WLKRR_Data/StreamingAssets/aa/StandaloneWindows64/
  • Here is where you start finding the content you may be looking for. Since this guide is covering just the music for the game, you are looking for the folder named bgm_assets_sound – If you got the DLC then you also have dlc_bgm_assets_dlc_bgm
  • Select one of those folders and wait for AssetRipper to do it’s work. On the left you’ll have a list of nonsense and on the right a prompt asking to select an asset.
  • Open the > next to any of the cab folders. Then the one > next to Audio Clip.
  • Highlight the file within. You’ll get some basic information about the file on the right. Go to Export > Export all Files of Selected Type. I recommend making a folder somewhere you can find it, and extracting to that folder.
  • Repeat the last 4 steps if you have BOTH the BGM and DLC!
  • Now that is done, you can open your new folder where you extracted everything. You’ll have 1-2 folders in here, depending if you extracted both the BGM and DLC. The file structure should be the same regardless of how many or what name this folder is: …/Exported Projects/Assets/ResourceData/ – The last folder name does depend on if you are looking at BGM or DLC, but there should be only one folder to open here.
  • Inside here, there are two file types. .meta and .wav – Simply open the .wav file with your favorite music player and the sound will play!

Now that you’ve got them, enjoy them! This extractor will extract All Music and Sounds used within the game It’s about 10 GB, so make sure you have enough room to extract them.

Written by cinaeth

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