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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Avenging Paladin Build Guide

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Avenging Paladin Build

The Avenging Paladin serves many purposes, and unlike the typical Jack of All Trades, it is a master of them all. From defending, healing, and buffing themselves and allies, to applying debilitating debuffs on enemies, and controlling the battlefield with various skills before smiting their foes with massive bursts of Sacred damage, the Avenging Paladin is great for solo play, and even better as a powerful addition to any multiplayer team.

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The Avenging Paladin wants a good mix of high Resistances and Block Chance with high Force Shield. To this end, you want your Helmet, Chest-Piece, Pants, and Boots to be Heavy, and you want your Spaulders and Gauntlets to be Sorcerer.

Try to focus on additional All Resistance, Block Chance/Effectiveness, Force Shield, and Physical/Occult/Sacred damage bonuses with your equipment and accessory bonus stats. Stay away from Bruiser and Rogue gear, as the minuscule bonuses to Hit Points is inconsequential to the Paladin’s massive Force Shield and Resistances.

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Unfortunately, the Avenging Paladin can’t equip a shield, as most of their Active Skills are Spells that require a Staff or Catalyst. For this reason, the Avenging Paladin’s weapon slots will be equipped with a one-handed melee weapon and a Catalyst. However, there is a unique shield in the game called Quintet of Sundowns that allows you to cast Sacred Spells with it equipped, so managing to find, buy, or trade for this shield would be a huge boon to the Avenging Palading.

Active Skills

Wrath of Baapheth

Recommended Modifiers – Wounded Pride, Stolen Light, Out For Blood, Lethal Ambitions, Draining Lifeforce. Stolen Light in particular is the reason Wrath of Baapheth was chosen for this build, as the Avenging Paladin gains massive bonuses to Sacred Damage.


Recommended Modifiers – Beast of the Battlefield, Standing Rock, Perpetual Osmosis, Equalizor, Sound Body.

Bulwark of Dawn

Recommended Modifiers – Sacred Grounds, Haven of Men, Embracing Conviction, Divine Omnipresence, Aegis of Hope.


Recommended Modifiers – Insuppressible Rhapsody, Holy Ground, Blinding Light, Hope’s Arrival, Noble Rider.


Recommended Modifiers – Plasmic Eruption, Weight of the Sun, Devastation, Day of Reckoning, Grit and Mettle.

Passive Skills

Tier 1 Passive Skills

Soldier – Capable > Capable > Pain Resistance Program > Stalwart > Second Wind > Pain Resistance Program > Unyielding

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From the first Pain Resistance Program, go to Quickdraw > Zealous Might > Zealous Might > Dauntless

Scholar – Hardy > Hardy > Steadfast > Chemically Empowered Brain > Heroic Resolve > Purifier’s Will > Steadfast > Unyielding

From the first Steadfast, go Emotional Intelligence > Adept > Witchcraft Consultant > Attrition Strategist

Tier 2 Passive Skills

Praetorian – From Soldier’s second Pain Resistance Program, go Impervious Wall > Mighty > None Shall Pass > Perfect Defense > Selfless Courage > Immortal Blood > Retaliator > Rightful Vengeance > Rightful Vengeance > Perseverance > Iron Skin > Iron Skin > Iron Skin > Brutality > Kingless Aegis > Unorthodox Technique > Regal Blessing

Warlock – From Praetorian’s Perseverance, go Unholy Dominion > Magical Mastery > Magical Mastery > Dominator > Sharp Insight > Sharp Insight > Self-Restraint > Ravenous Magic > Ravenous Magic > Faith Leech > Impatient > Resilience to Corruption > Strong-Willed > Spellslinger > Elemental Manipulation > Witchcraft Adept > Residual Energy

From Spellslinger, go Hyper Self-Aware > Duty to Exterminate > Twisted Obligation

Tier 3 Passive Skills

Eos – From Praetorian’s Perseverance, go ahead and fill out the entire Eos tree. Every skill is useful to the build’s purposes, and provides not only the mechanics to support it, but also the “flavor” of an Avenging Paladin. The Eos tree costs 20 skill points in total.

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Abyssal Shaper – From Warlock’s Unholy Dominion, go Guttural Dowry > His Whispered Lullabies > His Whispered Lullabies > Pact Master’s Song > Fatal Pact > Wounded Shield

From Guttural Dowry, go Unholy Omen > Unholy Omen > Agonizing Ray

Please note that this isn’t meant to be the exact order you take these skills, rather, it is simply listing which skills to take at which gate tiers. Detailing exactly which levels to take which skill nodes would be too lengthy of a process, and would be pointless anyways as it’s a matter of personal preference.

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