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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem How to Beat The Lambach (Act 2 Endboss)

For those who struggle with Act 2 Endboss, The Lambach. Can contain errors, i only killed him twice with a hybrid archer/caster and a pure Melee.

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How to Beat The Lambach

Played Version was release 1.0.20 ER. I recommend to have a fire and forget style dps skill.

Phase #1

FoF the Boss, no need to hurry

  • Mechanic 1: the boss chamber is divided into 6 zones.. when a zone starts to blink red, kill the spawner on the wall. You avoid most adds this way! No pesky tanky sniper spawns. When you are to late/dps is too low, Adds will spawn and that zone will get a dot ground effect. Move out of that region for now. The effect will end after some time.. Just focus on other Zones for now.
  • Mechanic 2: Spining Beam Attack, just roll or run through it, never in the same direction as the spinning. It doesn’t hurt that much, if at all.
  • Mechanic 3: Slam Attack, straight Telegraph from boss to wall.. move aside. After that one, you can channel your skills safly for a while.
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Never tunnel the boss, play his mechanics acordingly make it a rather clean fight.
If nothing is going on, recharge your resource bar with your skills so you can burst the mechanics with your high dps skills.

Phase #2

FoF the Boss and react to the mechanics.

  • Mechanic 1: Avoid red circles or you get stomped, avoid the mines that get planted too
  • Mechanic 2: Minions spawn in, refill your pots, dont waste dodge charges here if possible
  • Mechanic 3: Center goo and tentacle slams, early on move where they hit before, later the sequence gets faster and more slams happen. You have to dodge roll here to reach the safe zone. AVOID THE MIDDLE! Killer goo is there.
  • Mechanic 4: Uber Killah Goo… a very big white circles spawns, that focuses somewhere, stop everything else and move there asap… here you can channel some of your dps skills. clean up enemies or dps boss.

And all the time… fire your fof skill at the boss.

Pro Tip: Stop channeling your skills to drink a potion.

It’s end. I hope “Wolcen Lords of Mayhem How to Beat The Lambach” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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