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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem How to Get and Spend Skill Points

How to Get and Spend Skill Points

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How to Get Skill Points
Obtaining points and upgrading a skill is different for both Active and Passive Skills. For active skills, these skills are learned through enneracts or tomes that can be looted or purchased. Players will need to equip and use the skill frequently to increases its potency and to obtain skill modifier points which grants various buffs and effects to a specified active skill. For passive skills, players obtain a skill point whenever their character levels up.

How to Spend Skill Points
To spend skill points, first, for the passive skills, simply open the Gates of Fate or the Passive Skill Tree, there you can fully choose the path of your skills with the help of rotating ring and choose which passive skill you want to unlock. On the other hand, for an active skill, simply open the active skills menu and choose which skill you want to increase its level as well as unlocking an active skill modifier by spending the skill modifier points.

Can I Respec My Skill Points?
Players can respec their skill points by using Primordial Affinity instead of coins. Simply open the menu for either the active or passive skills and select reset.

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