Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Skills Guide: Active, Passive, Signature

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Skills Guide

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Skills Guide

The skills in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem are divided up between active, signature and passive skills.

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How to Get Skill Points?

Obtaining points and upgrading a skill is different for both Active and Passive Skills. For active skills, these skills are learned through enneracts or tomes that can be looted or purchased. Players will need to equip and use the skill frequently to increases its potency and to obtain skill modifier points which grants various buffs and effects to a specified active skill. For passive skills, players obtain a skill point whenever their character levels up.

How to Spend Skill Points?

To spend skill points, first, for the passive skills, simply open the Gates of Fate or the Passive Skill Tree, there you can fully choose the path of your skills with the help of rotating ring and choose which passive skill you want to unlock. On the other hand, for an active skill, simply open the active skills menu and choose which skill you want to increase its level as well as unlocking an active skill modifier by spending the skill modifier points.

Can I Respec My Skill Points?

Players can respec their skill points by using Primordial Affinity instead of coins. Simply open the menu for either the active or passive skills and select reset.

1. Active Skills

Active skills are regular magic spells, or special melee moves a character will use. They usually have a Rage or Umbra cost, with others utilizing charges or having a long cooldown period.

Active skills are found in the game by looting tomes, or purchasing tomes from the Archivist. When a character reads a tome, it is destroyed, and they gain the new skill. This skill will level up so long as it is equipped while you kill enemies, or you can spend your knowledge at the Archivist.

Skill variants
Active skills can have their effects modified by in the Active Skill Tree via the 2 skill variants which are unlocked each 5 levels up until level 25.

The effects of skill variants are different according to the skill, but their effects are always powerful. Some examples are Fireball can be made to shoot extra fireballs, or deal more damage; Or Thunderbolt can be made to increase its rate of fire, or move faster.

Skill NameSkill TypePrerequisiteDescription
Anvil’s WoeActiveOnly usable with melee weapons.Summon a colossal hammer and bring it down on your foes, dealing area damage.
BladestormActiveOnly usable with melee weapons.Summon an enormous greatsword and cut a path through hordes of enemies, spinning to maintain momentum.
Bleeding EdgeActiveOnly usable with melee weapons.Throw a spinning axe in a circle around you. damaging and making those affected bleed.
Blood for BloodActiveOnly usable with melee weapons.Cast a damaging area of effect on the ground. Does more Rend damage the lower the caster’s health is.
Flight of GaavanirActiveOnly usable with melee weapons.Cast a flying hammer in the direction of the cursor, damaging enemies along its path. Hammer returns when cast again.
JuggernautActiveOnly usable with melee weapons.Summon a shield that absorbs damage. The shield breaks at a damage threshold, damaging nearby enemies. If the shield is re-cast, it explodes, dealing increased damage.
Sovereign ShoutActiveOnly usable with melee weapons.Unleash a powerful warcry which buffs attack speed and cast speed by 25% for yourself and nearby allies.
WarpathActiveOnly usable with melee weapons.Summon a mighty shield and charge through your enemies, breaking their ranks.
Wings of IshmirActiveOnly usable with melee weapons.Summon a giant spear and leap onto your enemies, damaging them.
Wrath of BaäphethActiveOnly usable with melee weapons.Summon a pair of unbreakable chains and unleash a flurry of reckless lashes.
Avenger AutoturretActiveOnly usable with daggers, bows, and pistols.Summon a Deviceanial turret to provide covering fire. Can be detached and wielded by holding the skill.
Deathgazer RailgunActiveOnly usable with daggers, bows, and pistols.Charge a powerful sniper shot that damages in an area of effect. AS the shot is charged, the area of effect narrows and the damage of the shot increases.
DuskshroudActiveOnly usable with daggers, bows, and pistols.Drop a shadow cloud on the ground that grants invisibility and reduces Threat.
EvasionActiveOnly usable with daggers, bows, and pistols.Dash in the opposite direction of the cursor and drop a projectile where the skill was activated that slows enemies in an area of effect.
Gunslinger’s BrandActiveOnly usable with daggers, bows, and pistols.Channel multiple shots and select targets by hovering over or clicking them. Shots are released when channelling stops or maximum number of shots is reached.
Havoc OrbActiveOnly usable with daggers, bows, and pistols.Target an area and launch an exploding device, dealing fire damage in an area of effect.
Mark of ImpurityActiveOnly usable with daggers, bows, and pistols.Curses a target, increasing the damage it receives.
Phantom BladesActiveOnly usable with daggers, bows, and pistols.Throw a spinning dual-blade in a line in front of you that damages enemies caught in its path.
Slayer’s FlurryActiveOnly usable with daggers, bows, and pistols.Summon two blades and dash forward to the target, dealing single target damage. Does not dash if used in melee range.
Stings of KrearionActiveOnly usable with daggers, bows, and pistols.Summon an imposing bow and launch several piercing arrows at once.
Aether JumpActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.Jump through the Aether to teleport to another position.
AnnihilationActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.Channel a beam of Aether in front of you, damaging your foes. Turn speed while casting is increased proportionally to cast speed.
Arctic SpearActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.After a delay, hurl an ice shard in a line.
Bulwark of DawnActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.Bless an area around you with the light of dawn. It heals those who stand in it over time.
Consuming EmbersActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.Summon a fireball and launch it in a straight line in front of you.
Feeding SwarmActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.Summon a zombie that deals damage with melee attacks. If the number of zombies is at a maximum, they charge towards the location of the cursor.
Infinity BladesActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.Attack enemies multiple times in a combo, giving Willpower with each enemy hit.
Light-bringerActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.Charge a sacred spell that deals damage in an area of effect and teleports your character. At each new charging step, the area of effect and the damage are increased.
Livor MortisActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.Summon a large Poison golem that cleaves enemies. If skill is cast again, golem shouts a warcry that generates Threat.
ParasiteActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.Channel a ray on a target that leeches their health until they become possessed. Once possessed, the target’s health is restored
PlagueburstActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.Cast an area of effect that causes enemies or summons to explode upon death. When they explode, an area of effect is left behind, dealing Poison damage.
SolarfallActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.Channel a damaging area of effect from the sky that follows the cursor.
Tear of EthelielActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.A mass of ice forms above your enemies. After a short delay, it falls from the sky for huge damage.
ThunderstrikeActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.Electrocute your foes with bouncing lighting. Each bounce is weaker than the last.
Winter’s GraspActiveOnly usable with staves or catalysts.An ice nova emanates around you and freezes your enemies.

2. Passive skills

Passive skills are a core part of a character’s development because each point invested can range from a small boost, to adding a whole new ability to a character. Players gain three passive skill points each time they level up.

Powers gained from the passive skill trees can be very helpful and powerful. Some examples of the powers granted by passive skills are:

  • Ability to dual wield two-handed weapons.
  • Additional skill slots on the skill bar.
  • Increase the number of mercenaries followers.
  • Stat’s increase.
  • Armor bonus from Health points.
  • Bonus damage against enemies in Fear.

Passive Skills are divided into three rings and 21 branches. You can Rotate each ring to create new paths according to your build, but if you have points assigned to a branch and the branch disconnects from the main line you will not gain the benefits until it re-connects.

NameSkill TierSkill CategoryDescription
Attrition StrategistTier 1Scholar+60% Status Ailment Chance Score
Thirst for KnowledgeTier 1Scholar+25% Force Shield Recharge from Health Globes
Purifier’s WillTier 1Scholar+30% Damage Reduction when Force Shield is full
Backline RaiderTier 1Sentinel+50% Attack speed score
+50% spell casting speed score
Covert OperativeTier 1Sentinel+100% dodge chance score after taking a hit
Pinch RunnerTier 1SentinelGain +3 stamina points when at 30% of Max Health or lower
Second WindTier 1SoldierWhen under 30% of max Health, gain a burst of Health regeneration.
The Heat of BattleTier 1Soldier+25 Rage per hit taken
The Wild CardTier 1Soldier+60% Critical Hit Chance Score
Grievous AfflictionsTier 2CabalistCan now apply +1 Additional Ailment(s)
Insidious DecayTier 2Cabalist+2 Ailment Stack(s) inflicted
-30% Damage that is not Damage over time
Immortal OfferingTier 2CabalistKilling an enemy grants +5% Damage for each Ailment Stack on that enemy (up to 5 stacks per Damage type)
Power of the First MenTier 2Cabalist+50% Chance to multiply the number of Ailment Stacks inflicted by 2
Primordial InsightsTier 2CabalistDamage over time generated with a Critical Hit deals Critical Damage
Residual EnergyTier 2WarlockAttacks gain +30% damage from the last spell cast. The type of damage is the same as the last spell cast.
Reining in the DarknessTier 2Warlock+100% Spells Critical Hit Chance Score while Willpower is above 75%
Faith LeechTier 2WarlockLife Leech affects Force Shield instead of Health
Duty to ExterminateTier 2Warlock+200 Max Willpower and Rage
Resilience to CorruptionTier 2WarlockDamage over time is dealt to your Force Shield before your Health
Archion’s TeachingsTier 2Ranger-50% All Projectiles Damage
+1 Projectile to all Projectile Skills (Attacks and Spells)
Come What MayTier 2RangerAll Projectiles pierce every target within a 6m radius
Safe From AfarTier 2Ranger+175% All Projectiles Damage scaling with Distance at 15m
Persistence HuntingTier 2Ranger+25% Damage to enemies with Impaired Movement
Meditative FocusTier 2Ranger+25% Damage when at least 6m away from all enemies
Blessing of the Jade LegionTier 2Assassin+50% Physical Damage converted into Toxic Damage
Clandestine ExecutionTier 2Assassin+25% Damage when only one enemy is within 7m range
Merciless LethalityTier 2Assassin-30% Damage
+100% Critical Hit Damage
Phantom StrikeTier 2Assassin+25% Damage to enemies with Impaired Movement
Slipping ShadowTier 2Assassin+25% Damage when at least 6m away from all enemies
Kingless AegisTier 2Praetorian+6% Added Block Chance and allow any weapon to block
Selfless CourageTier 2Praetorian+25% All Resistances Score for you and your allies after blocking a hit
Blessed ManaTier 2Praetorian+40% All Resistances Score for you and your allies after picking up a health globe
Sacred OathTier 2PraetorianApply 2 Weakness Stacks upon Block an Attack to the Target in 7m Radius
RetaliatorTier 2Praetorian-50% Critical Hit Chance
+0.75% Damager per percent of Physical Resistance
Blood ReaperTier 2Warmonger+50% Physical Damage converted into Rend Damage
Feast for the CrowsTier 2Warmonger+2% Global Life Leech
Gods Amongst MenTier 2Warmonger+50% Material Damage, can only Deal Material Damage
Manic SlaughterTier 2Warmonger+2% Damage per 100% unspent Rage points
Bestial FrenzyTier 2Warmonger+4% Damage for each Nearby enemy within 4m range
OmnitempestTier 3Oracle of the TrinityChance to cast meteor, frost lance, or chain lightning if a fire, frost, or lightning skill is cast.
Ancient FervourTier 3Oracle of the TrinitySpells that inflict fire, frost, or lightning ailments grant passive bonuses called “Accords”. Up to 1 “Accord” can be active concurrently. Triggered “Accords” remain locked for 1s.
Elementary DestabilizationTier 3Oracle of the TrinityWhen Willpower is below 30% of its maximum, you have a chance to cause an Explosion, dealing Damage based on your maximum Force Shield or Health. This Explosion regenerates 20% of your Willpower, and has a cooldown of 5s.
Which Time Cannot HealTier 3Time WeaverWhen you hit Enemies afflicted by Stasis, they take 100% of the Hit Damage again after a 1.5s delay
Dire JunctureTier 3Time WeaverYou only take 40% Damage of an Enemy’s attack when it Hits, the rest is inflicted 1s after the Hit. Your Health is set to 85% of maximum, and Force Shield to 85% of maximum.
Captured VelocityTier 3Time WeaverYou gain “Supernatural Paradox” Points when you Hit an enemy in Stasis with an Attack, and “Earthly Paradox” Points when you Hit them with a Spell. Points reset after 5s. Maximum of 5 Points.
Occult AfflictionTier 3Abyssal ShaperOccult Damage is increased by +5% for every Cursed Stack an Enemy has
Masochistic EffigyTier 3Abyssal ShaperDoubles Max Force Shield, Health cannot exceed 5% of maximum Force Shield
Fatal PactTier 3Abyssal ShaperYou receive 1 Ailment Stack when inflicting an Ailment on an Enemy
UndertakerTier 3PlaguebringerEnemies that die in a 20m radius around you have a 10% chance to drop green globes. Picking up green globes grants you an additional 30% Damage as Poison Damage for 5s.
Sacrifice of FleshTier 3PlaguebringerYou lose 20% of your Health and 20% of your Force Shield, but all Summons take 25% less Damage
Toxic EmanationsTier 3PlaguebringerEvery 2s, Enemies in a 7m radius gain a Poison Stack
Blessed SilverTier 3ExorcistYou have 5 “Anointed Ammunition” Points that are used each time a Projectile Skill is used.
Academic FieldworkTier 3ExorcistGain 1 “Headhunter” Point (Max 5) every time an enemy that is a Champion or Above is killed, with Points resetting after 30s. “Headhunter” Points grant +15% Material Damage
Branded BurstTier 3ExorcistYou gain 1 “Tenet” Point every 2.5s up to a maximum of 5 “Tenet Points”, and 1 “Tenet Point” is consumed whenever you are hit.
Hungry StalactiteTier 3White ArrowEnemies are dealt 30% Damage per the amount of Pierce remaining on a Projectile after it Hits an Enemy
Acute TrackingTier 3White ArrowWhile in Combat, gain “Cold Blooded” Points every 2s, up to a maximum of 5.
Wintry HailTier 3White ArrowBasic Attack Projectiles bounce up to 2 times to Nearby Enemies in 10m radius
Tethered ShadeTier 3DuskglaiveDodge Roll Damages Enemies and leaves a Decoy for 1s
Waltzing SmokeTier 3DuskglaiveDodge Roll turns you Invisible for 5s. While Invisible, the damage of your next Skill activated is increased by 30%. Using a Skill breaks Invisibility. This has a cooldown of 12s.
Life’s First MovementTier 3DuskglaiveYou have 10 Points shared between “Lure of Light” and “Lure of Darkness” Points.
Static TransferralTier 3Alastor6% Damage per “Overload” Point. Basic Attacks generate 1 “Overload” Point up to a maximum of 6. Using a Skill consumes all “Overload” Points but doubles Damage of the Skill
Sparking DartTier 3AlastorBasic Attacks refill “Power Charge” Points by 4. 4 “Power Charge” Points are generated per second, capped between -100 and +100
Intravenous Neural CordTier 3Alastor+75% Attack Speed Score for 3s of Critical Hit
Pugilist’s MomentumTier 3Arms MaesterProvides alternative fourth Attack to each basic weapon combo
Virtuose StanceTier 3Arms MaesterGain access to two “Stances”: Probing Weakness and Stalwart Resolve. A “Stance” is changed when a Dodge Roll is used.
Proud ReprisalTier 3Arms Maester100% of Weapon Damage dealt to Attacking Enemy when their Attack is Blocked
Beacon for the LostTier 3Eos25% Spell Damage when Force Shield is above 50% and 25% Attack Damage when Force Shield is below 50%.
Dawn’s Pious StrikerTier 3EosDealing Sacred Damage instantly kills Enemies below 15% of their Max Health (Underlings and Specialists only)
Unflagging PrayerTier 3EosAll Nearby Allies are Resurrected when your health drops below 30% of maximum, all Nearby Allies gain 30% boost to All Resistances Score when Allies are resurrected.
Salvatory AnchorTier 3Siege Breaker100% of Weapon Damage dealt to Attacking Enemy when their Attack is Blocked
Belligerent BannerTier 3Siege Breaker1 “Fortress” Point gained every 1.5s, up to a maximum of 10
Disallowing VesselTier 3Siege BreakerWhile stationary, gain 1 “Inexorable” point ever 1s, up to a maximum of 10
Blistering EmbraceTier 3Child of FuryWhen Hitting an Enemy with an Attack, 10% Chance to consume the Burn Stacks you inflicted when their Burn Stacks exceed 5, increasing Damage of the Hit by 10% per consumed stack.
Flurrying FlamesTier 3Child of FuryYour attacks generate “Unleashed Fury” Points up to a maximum of 50. Points reset after 3s out of combat
Furious AppetiteTier 3Child of FuryPassively generate Rage instead of Willpower

3. Signature skills

Signature skills are skills found on the Passive Skill Tree, each class has it’s own associated Signature skill.

Battle Art


LegionaryAllows you to switch between an offensive and a defensive stance. The offensive stance greatly increases your Attack speed and Spellcasting speed but lowers your Defense, while the defensive stance improves your Defensive Ability but reduces your Movement Speed.


MaleficentCasts a Toxic aura which depletes your Umbra continuously while active and inflicts Poison stacks to nearby foes. The aura also increases your Toxic Damage and Toxic Reistance, and will automatically wear off when you run out of Umbra.
Elemental Ammunition


TricksterCycle through different ammunition and gives your shots special effects. Uses charges which are generated with time. Use the spell to cycle through Fire, Frost and Lightning shots.
* Fire shots burn enemies.
* Frost shots freeze enemies.
* Lightning shots shock enemies.
Hunting Ground


HunterLeaves a trap at your feet which deploys when enemies approach, snaring them and inflicting Physical Damage to them. Uses charges which are generated with time. You can only have a limited number of traps in the world at the same time, and placing a new trap on the ground beyond the maximum number will remove the oldest one.


GuardianYou perform a Shield bash which hits and Stuns a single enemy while Blocking incoming attacks. Consumes charges in order to be used. Charges are gained when Blocking attacks, and the amount of charges used to cast that spell determines its Damage. Ironguard also passively increases your Block Chance when equipped.
Killer Instinct


AssassinMarks a single target and inflicts several stacks of Frailty. You can mark the same target multiple times, in which case it resets its marking duration and stacks the effects up to your maximum Status Ailments stacks number. Requires a valid target to be cast.
Searing Chain


GladiatorLaunches a metallic chain forward which will pull its target directly to you while inflicting bleeding stacks. It will send you towards your target instead if it can’t be moved (Boss, destroyable object, etc.).


ArcanistIn passive mode, increases your Umbra regeneration and your Resistance against Spells. When you use the spell, you enter active mode and gain a temporary Spell Damage boost instead.

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