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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Willpower and Rage

Willpower and Rage

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In Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, the game’s combat system revolves around Willpower and Rage. Players will notice two resource bars that are on top of the Active Skills. The purple bar is the Willpower while the yellow bar is the Rage, these two are required to execute your active skills, however, they are different from one another. In order to fill up the Rage bar, you can attack enemies by using your equipped weapon, except for Staves/Catalysts and by activating a skill that uses Willpower. Using your Willpower resource will slowly fill up the Rage bar.

On the other hand, building up the Willpower bar requires the player to attack enemies by using a Staff/Catalyst and spending the resources in the Rage bar will slowly convert or fill up the Willpower bar. Rage is required to activate attack-based skills, while Willpower is required to execute spell-based skills – depending on your skill modifiers, equipped gear, and unlocked passive skills, these factors modify the behavior of the Willpower and Rage such as its reduction, conversion, or regeneration rate.

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