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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – Cheats (Debug Menu)

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is the ultimate real-time soviet-themed city builder tycoon game. Construct your own republic and transform a poor country into a rich industrial superpower!

A dozen or so keyboard shortcuts about which there is no word in the game menu.

Invisible shortcuts in the game menu

  • H – indicates the node points of the path / road / pavement.
  • 2 – hides streets and sidewalks.
  • 3 – hides the rail.
  • 5 – hides semaphores.
  • 6 – hides cars.
  • 0 – hides all of the above, pipelines and conveyors
  • Left Shift – enlarge / reduce the image when the building structure is rotate.
  • Left CTRL + G – hides the game interface.
  • E + L + C – reset of power / electricity decrease.

Cheat & Debug Menu

C + H + E – enabled or disabled debugging and cheating.

Left CTRL + C – opens the first window of the road depot in the city.
Left CTRL + F – empties the tank and sends the car to refuel at the service station.
Left CTRL + L – changes the availability of cars (all or by years).
Left CTRL + I – shows the black nodes of the height grid.
Left CTRL + M – adds one hundred thousand in cash (in rubles and dollars).
Left CTRL + R – resets the available cash register to zero and stops the camera view.
Left CTRL + Q – information on the needs of residents in the building window.
Left CTRL + X – converts the texture of roads and streets by 180 degrees.

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