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WorldBox God Simulator How to unlock king of kings without cheats

Step 0

Before you begin this guide, make sure you’ve unlocked as many traits as possible. I will list traits that you’ll want to have and avoid here. Other guides can help you unlock all of these.

Traits you want to get more than others:
eagle eyed
strong minded

Traits you want to avoid:

death bomb and death nuke
acid bomb
acid touch
bomber man
burning feet
cold aura
fire blood
pyro maniac

Step 1, finding a candidate.

You’re going to want to use the orc race for this guide. Orc’s naturally have the savage trait, and the regeneration trait.

Take two orcs and edit their traits to have as many as possible, don’t give them traits that can destroy tiles or infect them with diseases. Some traits are mutually exclusive, if you followed the previous step this shouldn’t be an issue. You want to have positive traits where possible, but make sure to add negative ones too if they don’t do damage or conflict with a positive one.

You’re on a time limit once this process begins, so make sure to do this guide with a bit of speed.

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The two orcs you’ve customized will produce children, and eventually they’ll make a village. Eventually, they’ll name a king, and it will almost certainly be one of your edited orcs. When this happens, taking care to ensure there are plenty of other adults, kill the king. If it selects the other pre-made orc, kill them too.

Keep killing the king until you get a king with at least 7 traits. It’s possible to get the achievement with less, but it becomes much harder the less you have, and eventually impossible. If it doesn’t work, you might need to kill everyone and start over. Each generation that passes is less likely to give their children multiple traits than the last, so don’t worry over failure.

Once you have a king with 7 traits, continue to step 2

Step 2, battle hardened.

So you have your candidate for the achievement. There are a number of methods to adding more traits to a unit without the trait editor, this is how we will make the 7 trait unit into a 20 trait unit.

Isolate the king, grab them and place them in the ocean. Use the blessing tool, the power up tool, and the shield tool on him, then heal him. Start striking him with lightning. The shield should protect most damage, but make sure he doesn’t die anyway. Check him every 10 clicks or so, both to see his health and see if he’s unlocked the immortal and energized traits, which can appear from lightning strikes.

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Move him to a plains area with mountains on all sides to trap them in. I recommend turning off hunger for this. We’re going to give him all the traits for killing. First spawn an evil wizard, then edit their traits to curse them and give them tiny, doing this sets their health to 1. With his shield, blessing, and power up, it should be an extremely easy fight. This unlocks the mageslayer trait

Next, spawn in a few villagers somewhere away from the original village, let them grow enough to have a king. Use spite to make them go to war with the only other village, the one your candidate rules. When this happens, find their king, bring him to the area with your candidate, and make the new king tiny and cursed so he has one health. Your candidate will get the king slayer trait.

Spawn in a dragon, make it tiny and cursed. Since your king killed an evil wizard, they should have a fire staff for ranged attacks. This will unlock the dragon slayer trait.

Lastly, spawn in skeletons, about 3 at a time, until your candidate unlocks the veteran trait.

Step 3, crowning the king.

You’ll want to wait for a while for the candidate king to get old and naturally unlock the wise trait. I recommend letting them back into their village and following them to make sure they live. If you’re lucky, they might unlock the golden tooth, broken bone, or one eyed traits in their time among the commoners. If you do not unlock golden tooth broken bone or one eyed during this, you’ll have to make sure the candidate fights enough bears until at least one trait in addition to wise is gained.

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Give the candidate a good burning, making sure they don’t die, this will give them the burned trait.

If you want to risk it, you can have them fight the spawns from tumors, this has the chance of giving them the tumor infection trait. If this happens, quickly follow the next steps.

Now, in the final stretch, use your tools to curse them, infect them with the zombie virus, the plague, and mushroom spores. Note: do not infect with madness, as a mad king loses their king status.

That should be 20 traits, and you’ll now have king of kings unlocked, enjoy!

Written by robnon

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