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Wreckfest Easy Credits, Money, XP 8K Credits, 10K XP Per Run

Need cash and XP for unlocks? This is the guide for you!

After looking through the current offerings of easy cash guides and being disappointed I bring you an actually fast XP/cash guide so you can get the 50K you need for the achievement and anything else you need and have fun doing it!

(Works as of June 2020.)

Easy Credits, Money, XP 8K Credits, 10K XP Per Run


The Big Picture concept: You’re gonna outlast your opponents in a race designed to get them to take themselves out that pays out faster than you really should.
Payout: (on average) 10+XP 8K credits per race.

Step 1. Choose Custom Event. Create a 60 lap banger race on Hellride. Set AI difficulty to Expert. Vehicle damage to Realistic. Driving difficulty can be whatever you want. It doesn’t affect cash payout but does affect XP multiplier so use what you’re comfortable with/find fun.

Don’t worry about the 60 laps. You’re not going to drive a tenth of that.

Step 2. Choose an A Class car. Ideally one with as much armour/strength as possible. Your goal is to outlast your opponents so get a car that can take a few hits.

Step 3. Race as normal but try not to take damage. Because the AI is suicidal on this track and they’re basically guaranteed to take damage every time they pass the middle section of the track, whether that’s hitting the wrecks of other racers or the result of going over the ramp at a wonky angle.

Arguably you don’t even need to race and can just wait around watching the other cars fly over the ramp but I imagine you probably want to do something more engaging while you wait.

Step 4. When all other racers have taken themselves out (you’ll know because all the drivers aside from you are listed as DNF in the top left), wreck yourself and it’ll count as you winning despite not completing anywhere near the 60 laps. The AI will usually take itself out by lap 6 but often it’ll happen sooner especially if you carefully contribute.
I usually wreck myself by practicing spinning and barrel-rolling my car off the ramp but anything’ll work because Realistic car damage makes your car as durable as tin-foil.

Step 5. Rinse and repeat, have fun. Don’t worry if you wreck too early/don’t win. You’re practically guaranteed at least 2K in cash, which is more than most events give in my experience so you’re still making bank.

Try to have a laugh with driving up the banked ramps as high as possible and laugh as the track becomes a Mad Max hellscape lined with wrecks by lap 3.

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