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Wurm Online How to Make Money (Fast Silver & Copper)

This guide will tell you a tiny bit on how you can earn some copper and silver in the game.
It is still recommended that you at least buy your first month of premium once you hit your profession to lvl 20. One-time deal is good for a very good price of 12 or so € for 2 months premium and 5 silver coins.

Now, let’s get to the subject.

Wurm Online How to Make Money

Entry-level jobs

Here you will find low-level jobs, but some of them may be more profitable once you skill up a bit.

Be aware that most low-level goods are bought in thousands, so you wll struggle to sell less than 1000 units. Traders don’t want to travel long way to buy scraps. Therefore it is easier to sell larger orders like 5000 or so, and you can maybe negotiate prices too.

1. Become a Quarry Slave

While not directly involved in a quarry, you basically put a claim on some land, ideally next to water where ships can come to you. You then start digging ALOT of land around you, and you put all the soil into crates. Therefore, make sure you have plenty of shovels, some food, and loads of crates.

People usually will buy those with help of online Wurm forum. Make sure they will bring empty crates, provided the trader is willing to do that.

  • Approx price: 1000 dirt = 1 silver coin.

2. Become a Serf

Similar to above (water for ships). Get land next to water like sea or canal. Get a claim. Get seeds (you can forage those). You can then plow, rake, fertilize and farm the fields. Make sure to read a proper guide to farming first, as I am too rusty of a player to remember.
Approx price: 1 silver coin per 1000 goods. You can obtain more silver for higher quality cottons and hemps (for materials) and crops (for cooking meals), since quality of product is more worthy when its closer to 100 than 1.

3. Become a Koala!

Similar to above (water for ships), but you need alot of trees around.
You can make log heaps and cover them with dirt, to make charcoal. Some people may be interested in buying bulk charcoal. First, check up the price with potential buyers.

4. Become a Lumberjack / Carpenter

Similar to above (water for ships), but instead of burning wood for coal, you either gather alot of raw material (ideally cut to planks), or make carpentry products. People can order loads of planks, handles, shafts etc.

Make sure that you aim to get the best quality product, and for that, you may also want to specialize in farming (forestry) to get better quality trees.

More jobs upcoming soon!

Written by Drogowit

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