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WWE 2K20 PC Keyboard Controls

Every control option on the PC version of WWE 2K20. These are the default keyboard shortcuts for the game WWE 2K20.

WWE 2K20 PC Keyboard Controls

  • Wake Up Taunt – 1
  • Taunt Crowd – 2
  • Taunt Opponent – 3
  • Toggle Signature / Finisher – 4
  • Pause – Esc
  • Display Current Target – V
  • Grapple – K
  • Irish Whip / Pin – L
  • Reversal – I
  • Strike – J
  • Climb – O
  • Pick Up Object – U
  • Modifier – Space
  • Target Different Opponent (When Manual Targeting Is Turned On) – C
  • Run (Hold + Move) – Left Shift
  • Move Up – W
  • Move Down – S
  • Move Left – A
  • Move Right – D
  • Re-position Up – Lctrl + I
  • Re-position Down – Lctrl + K
  • Re-position Left – Lctrl + J
  • Re-position Right – Lctrl + L
  • Re-position Modifier – Lctrl

Chain Wrestling
Chain Wrestling occurs at the beginning of One on One and Tag Team matches if both superstars attempt to grapple at the same time. You can also trigger Chain Wrestling by holding Spacebar and pressing J.

When you Lock Up in Chain Wrestling, try to gain the upper hand by choosing a chain hold (J, I, L). While in a chain hold, use LCRTL + I/K/J/L to find the hot spot. The aggressor can also Strike (J) or Wrench (K) their opponent.

Manual Targeting
In WWE 2K20, Manual Targeting is enabled by default. Press C to switch to another target. Your new target’s name will briefly appear above your head. You can check your current target any time by pressing V.

Basic Attacks
Normal Grapple: Tap K
Strong Grapple: Hold K
Normal Strike: Tap J
Strong Strike: Hold J

Diving Attacks
Climb to the Top Rope by running to the corner with LEFT SHIFT, or by holding O. Climb to the Middle Rope by pressing O.

When in position, press or hold J to dive.

Springboard Attacks
While standing in the ring or on the apron, springboards can be performed to attack standing or grounded opponents in the ring or at ringside. You must have the Springboard Diver Skill equipped, and a Springboard move assigned in Move-Set.

Springboard: Hold W/S/A/D towards the Ropes and hold J.

Special Attacks
Signature / Finisher: J + K
OMG: I + L

At the start of an opponent’s attack, press I when prompted to perform a reversal and gain the advantage. This consumes a Reversal Stock.

Press L when your opponent is grounded to pin them.

To escape a pin, press K when the meter lands on the target zone.

Submission Mini-Game: Move your slider with LCTRL + IJKL. If the attacker can overlap their slider with the defender’s for long enough, the defender will tap out.

An alternate “button mash” mini-game can be enabled in the Gameplay Options menu. this minigame is won by rapidly pressing the prompted button as fast as possible.

Hold both Spacebar and K to lock your opponent in a Submission hold.

Limb Target
Use Limb Targets to attack a specific body part on your opponent.

Ground: Hold Spacebar and press J while standing at your opponent’s head, arm, or legs.

Front Facelock: Grab your opponent in Front Facelock with LCRTL + I. Hold Spacebar and W/A/S/D to select a limb, and press J.

Drag your opponent by holding Spacebar and tapping K. Release with U.

When dragging a Standing opponent, you can perform an environmental attack by pressing J as you approach the Corner, Ropes, or other objects.

To escape from Drag, rapidly press L.

Lift a Standing opponent into Carry by holding Spacebar and pressing LCRTL + I/K/J/L.

Grapple: K
Environmental Attack: Press J while approaching the corner, ropes, or other object.
Switch Position: LCRTL + I/K/J/L.

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